School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

Anthropology Research Projects

Current Postgraduate Research Anthropology Students



Student Name Thesis Title
Federica Banfi Movements in Argentine tango: improvisation and transnationalism
Hannah Gibson The affective potential so sound in visual contexts in relation to outdoor art and sculpture and acoustemology
Jonathan Gregory Carnival in Post-Apartheid Southern Africa: an ethnomusicological perspective
Erin Hinson The Art Behind the Wire: the unexplored prison culture of the UVF's artistic production and compound experience
Ranmalie Jayawardana          Forum Theatre in post-conflict Sri Lanka
Sinead Lynch Music, Peacebuilding and UNSCR 1325: Exploring the Use of Music Through the Guided Imagery with Music (GIM) Method in the Dialogue on the Implementation of UNSCR 1325 Between the Women of Ireland North and South
Angela Mazzeti The long-term impact of “growing-up” during “The Troubles” on coping behaviours
Jamie McCollum An Interdisciplinary Study of Kurdish Democratic Confederalism in Turkey
Stephen R. Millar Performing Resistance Within and Against the British State: Irish Rebel Songs and the Embodiment of a Social Identity
Alice Neeson Envisioning reconciliation: Media practice as a tool of conflict transformation
Harold Ohayon Armagh: Navigating Self and Other in a Border City
Anikta Roy Transnational Identity of Rajbansi Women: Gender, Power, and Social Relations
Kayla Rush Morality, Utopia, and the Cracked Art World: Community Arts in Contemporary Northern Ireland
Amelia (Roisin) Seifert Contemporary Native American Horse Culture in the Columbia Plateau and Great Basin Culture Areas
Maneka Tohani How the Roma community can access rights to education, healthcare and welfare in Northern Ireland
Wanting Wu Sensing peace through the body: Tibetan dance and conflict transformation in diasporic communities in London and Zürich
Sha Wang The Future of Chinese Families Abroad, An Ethnography of Chinese Students at Chinese Language Schools in Northern Ireland
James Zimmerman III Language and Welshness in Ceredigion

Institute of Irish Studies Current Research Students



Student Name Thesis Title
Jonathan Evershed Commemoration and politics of memory
Pawel Romanczuk

Interface Cultures: Dynamics of Social Relations in Belfast

Augusto Soares Tracking Political Interactions on Social Media in Northern Ireland: The impact of the online for the region's conflict and everyday politics

Patrick Speight 

Irish Argentines from Peron to the Dirty War and the fall of the generals

Institute of Cognition and Culture Current PGR students



Student Name Thesis Title
Nick Brown Conflict, culture, and cognition: an intergenerational assessment
Adam Gilreath

The role of threat in violent intergroup conflict

Gary Lavery The Ontogeny of Human Deontic Competence
Conall Smyth Sacred Values, Ritual, Group Identity Fusion & Radicalisation in the Context of The Northern Ireland Conflict
Anna Szabelska Religion, sacred values, morality, and radicalization. The case of abortion
Hugh Turpin Failing God: Investigating religious hypocrisy and its effect on Catholic Irish apostasy
Samuel Ward "Catching the Spirit": Understanding disembodied essence contagion and trait manipulation.

PGR LINCS Postgraduate Students



Student Name Thesis Title
Panagiotis Loukinas                      ‘Data gathering and sharing by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: The impact of drones on Border Security and Human Rights in the European Union’
Alexi Gavriel Cybersecurity and Society’

Graduated students from Anthropology, ICC and Inst of Irish Studies

REF PhD Completions Anthropology July 2013-2016

Mary Louise Boyle (2016) A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Music and Emotion in Egypt and Northern Ireland

Shawn Reming (2016) 'Viewing Conflict: Museum Visitors, Affective Experience, and exhibitions of the conflict in and around Northern Ireland'.

Gavin Watters (2015) 'An Exploration of Tokyo Youth Identity as Symbolically and Emotionally Expressed Through Popular Sub-Culture'

Evanthia Patsiaoura (2015), Let the music bring in the Spirit: participatory music making and spheres of belonging among Nigerians in Greece.

Yuencheng Ding (2015), When Chinese confront the individual: Being a graduate village official in southwest rural China

Hilary Foye (2015), 'Christianity, Conflict and Community: Expressions of Faith, Identity and Personhood in the Contemporary Church'

Diane Atkinson, (2014) 'Rivalry and Locality: Protestant Marching Bands in Ballymoney'.

Naoko Maehara, (2014) 'Shifting Perceptions, Emotions, and Memories: Japanese Women in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland’

Vanita Malhotra (2014) ‘Distance’ Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?   Transnational Intimacy: Contracting Indian Marriage in Northern Ireland'

Cristina Carnevali (2014) Bloody Sunday Post-Saville: Transformations of Memory and Identity

Stephen Herron (2014) The Role and Effect of Violence on the Ulster Defence Regiment in South Armagh

Malcolm Franklin (2014) Concepts of displacement and home: seeking asylum and becoming a refugee among the host community of Northern Ireland.

Renato Castro (2014) 'Tuning In To the Past: The Viola and its Representations in 19th Century Rio de Janeiro'

Gabril Hoskin (2013) Music and Identity: The Construction of Communities among Brazilian Migrants in Madrid, Spain

Yan Hu (2013) 'Frontier people’s Bazaars in Ruili City'.

Theodore Konkouris (2013) 'Heroes, Gunpowder, Cassettes and Tape Recorders: Production, Distribution and Transmission of Hunters' Musical Tradition in Mali, West Africa'

Paul McCreary (2013) How it feels to hunt: The embodied feelings and sensations of hunting in Alaska

Mary-Kathryn Rallings (2013) Your Space or Mine?: The Politics and Policy of Negotiating ‘Shared’ Space in Belfast

Institute of Cognition and Culture completions 2009 - 2020

Lauren Swiney (2013)

Renatas Bernunias (2011)

Natalie Emmons (2011)

Hilary Lenfesty (2011)

Michal Fux (2011)

Keith Hodge (2010)

Christopher Holbrook (2009) Unconscious vigilance: worldview defense without adaptations for terror, uncertainty or coalition

Gordon Ingram (2009) Young children's reporting of peer's behaviours'


Institute of Irish Studies completions 2010-2020

Nancy Anderson (2015)  ‘Re-Imaging Belfast: Art and Policy in Post- Conflict Northern Ireland’

Elena Bergia (2015) ‘The trouble with women. An anthropological study of the construction of gender in nationalist working-class West Belfast’

Frances Harkin, (2014) ‘A Sporting Diaspora: Gaelic games and London’s Irish community’

Karen Kettner, (2014) 'What's News? Nothing But Bonfires: Bonfires as Ritual and Performance'

Elisabetta Vigiani (2010) Talking Stones: The Politics of Memorialisation in Post-conflict Northern Ireland

Mary Kate Coghlan (2010)

Liam Kelly (2012)


PhD Completions in Anthropology and Ethnomusicology 2009 – 2012

Raymond Casserly (2012) 'The Snare Drum in Northern Ireland'

Bryanna Hocking (2012)

Beatrice Prentiss (2012) Teaching and Learning Salsa in the UK

Jaime Rollins-McColgan (2012) Commemoration, Political Ritual and the Role of Remembrance in Republican Parading Bands

Elina Rowley (2012) 'The Management of Shack Populations in the Townsville, Old, Australia'

Ioannis Tsioulakis: (2011) 'Working or Playing?: Power, Aesthetics and Cosmopolitanism among professional musicians in Athens '

Siun Carden (2010) 'Belfast’s Gaeltacht Quarter'  

Marta Kempny(2010) 'Polish Imigrants in Belfast'

Noomi Mozard (2010) 'Cultural Representations of Nature in Venezuela'

Barbara Graham (2009) 'The Materiality of Death: the uses of objects to immortalise the dead;their changing form and symbolic value.'

Jessica Golden (2009) 'Linguistic Anthropology as Relates to Politics and Symbols'

Imtiaz Mahmud (2009)  'Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh'

Julissa Ossorio-Bermudez (2011):   'Negotiating Gender Amongst Muslim Girls Through Popular Music in Northern Ireland'

Gordon Ramsey: (2009) 'Music, Emotion and Identity in Ulster-Scots Communities'

Lindsay Sprague (2009): Living Well Around the Clinic: An Ethnography of Agency and Disclosure in the Lives of those with HIV/AIDS

Gemma Wieberg (2009)  'Relative Relations: Notions of Communtiy and Belonging Amongst the Hmong Community of North Queensland'

Jackie Witherow (2009)  'Protestant Flutes Bands in Northern Ireland'

Jennifer Sinnamon (2008)  'Musical Repertoires of the Funerals of Palestinian Victims of Conflict'


ANTHROPOLOGY PhDs, 2001-2008

Sinnamon, Jennifer (2008): Songs of grief and grievance : music, emotion, and Palestinian martyrdom.

Cummings, Colin (2007) Bays, Berths and Sunsets :Environmental Debate in a Mediterranean Coastal Town.

Walmsley-Pledl, Sara R. (2007) Playing A-Part Together: Negotiating Participation, Practice and Meaning in Voluntary Music Associations in East Bavaria.

Ferrandez, Luis Fernando Angosto (2006) 
Negotiating Politics, Ethnicities and Citizenship in the Pemon Community of Tuauken: An Analysis of the Relations Between the Bolivarian Revolution and Indigenous Peoples in Venezuela.

Alex Hall (2006) Secure borders, safe haven? Suspicion and humanity in the British immigration...

McDonnell, Roberta (2006) Shaping Selves in the Midst of Modernity: An Ethnography of the Personal Process in a Contemporary Irish Context. 

McIntosh, Jonathan (2006) Meaning through Tradition: Children’s Practice and Performance of Dance, Music and Song in South-central Bali. 

Powell, Mark (2006) 'We all one': Belonging and masculine identity in a Caribbean context

Bayles, Ruth (2005) Science in its local context : The Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society.

Kristiansen, Ingvill (2005) Gender and Conflict? The Relationship between Women and Man on Tanna.

McCaffery, Nick (2005) Global Hopi: Local Hippie : An Anthropological Study of Hopi Identity in Relation to the New Age.

O'Kane, David John (2005) Peasant Nationalism in Embaderho: Land and National Identities in an Eritrean Village.

Schiller, Rina (2005) The Lambeg and the Bodhrán : drums of Ireland

Stewart, Emma (2005) The cognition of spirit possession in an Afro-Brazilian religious tradition

Lanier, Sara C. (2004) Playing with Time: ‘Storying’ the Folk Harp in California.

Marranci, Gabriele (2004) The Adhan among the Bells: Studying Muslim Identity in Northern Ireland.

Nagle, John Michael (2004) The Transmission and Reception of Irish Traditional Culture in a London-Irish Arts Centre.

O’Shea, Stephen (2004) The "Third force in world affairs" 

Bell, Kathryn (2002) Any news? : An anthropological investigation of political journalists in Northern Ireland.

Bruhns, Martin (2002) Pub-lore-culture: An Ethnographic Study of Alcohol Consumption in County Cork.

Radford, Katy (2002), Loyal Sounds. Music as a Marker of Identity in Protestant West Belfast

Reinborough, Michael: 'Silent Valley Reservoir 1923 -1932 Water Technology'

Hisschemoller, Anita (2002) Ritual and Change in a Tibetan Community in Northern Nepal.