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Current PhD Students:

Robyn Atcheson, 'Poverty, poor relief and public health in Belfast and its region c.1800-1851' (Prof. Gray)

Mark Benson, 'Abortion and Northern Ireland' (Prof O’Dowd)

Jonathan Best, ‘Fact or fiction: the British spy novel and British intelligence, 1903–1991 (Dr Corthorn) [2015 poster]

Matthew Bingham, ‘Orthodox radicals: Baptist identity formation in Stuart England’ (Prof. Gribben)

Morris Brodie, ‘The Atlantic Anarchist movement and the Spanish Civil War’ (Dr Corthorn)

Lauren Browne, 'The Shaping of Popular History: The Cases of Anne Neville and Elizabeth of York'

Conor Campbell, ‘A cross-border study of boundary-region censorship as applied in Éire and Northern Ireland during the Second World War’ (Dr McGarry)

Dr Robert Cotter, 'John Cennick - Moravian evangelist?' (Dr Scott Dixon)

Jack Crangle, 'Ethnic minority communities in twentieth-century Belfast' (Prof. O’Connell, Dr Connell & Prof A. Nayak, Newcastle University)

Derek Crosby, 'A crowded urban space: conflict and identity in an English Town, 1300-1800' (Dr Davis)

Ruairi Cullen, 'The Medieval period in nineteenth-century Irish historiography' (Prof. Gray)

Jennifer Davison, 'Linked memories:slavery, race, and remembrance in the United States and the United Kingdom ' (Dr Stanonis) [2015 poster]

Gerald Daniel Louis, 'The East India Company and the Transportation of Convicts for the Madras Presidency, 1789 - 1858', (Dr Reisz)

Karst De Jong 'The Irish on Jamaica during the long eighteenth century (1698-1836)' (Prof. Connolly)

Shannon Devlin, 'Adolescent sibling relationships in nineteenth-century Ulster' (Dr Elaine Farrell)

Jeffrey Donnelly, 'John II Komnenos’s policy towards Antioch'

Scott Eaton, 'The witch's familiar: a study of the familiar spirit in the early modern British Isles' (Prof. Gribben & Dr S. Kelly)

Samantha Gowdy, 'Race, gender and Civil Rights: African American women and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People' (Dr Kelly)

Bridget Harrison, ‘Public Perceptions of Women Religious: Irish and British Dialogue’ (Prof. O’Dowd, Dr Farrell & Dr J. Allen, Newcastle University)

Barry Henderson, 'The forgotten tycoon: James McHenry, The Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, and the gilded age of robber barons (1858-91)' (Prof. Clinton) [2014 poster]

Peter Hodson, 'Memory, conflict and class: the experience and legacy of deindustrialisation in Belfast and North-East England' (Prof. O’Connell, Dr Corthorn & Prof. M Perry, Newcastle University)

Robert Hodson,  ‘Hit songs and their significance in 17th-century England’  (Prof. Marsh)

Matthew Houston, 'Religion in Northern Ireland during the Second World War' (Dr Holmes & Prof L. Kirkpatrick, UTC)

Paul Hughes, 'The Irish republican activism of Laurence Ginnell, 1916-23' (Dr Coleman)

Benjamin Huskinson, "Saving Eden: American Evangelicals and the Origin Narrative, 1859 - 2005"  (Prof. Gribben)

Stuart Irwin, 'Belfast Corporation, 1880-1914: managing a mature industrial city' (Prof. Connolly)

Matthew Jackson, ‘Representing the Troubles: Contested histories, critical museology and conflict exhibitions.’ (Dr McGarry/ Dr D. Lisle (PISP))

Catherine Jamieson, 'Missionary masculinity: Irish Presbyterian missionaries in India, China and Nigeria, 1840-1910' (Dr Morier-Genoud)

Lisa Lavery, ‘“Baby Wanted”: pre-legislation adoption in Ireland, 1800-1952’ (Prof. O’Dowd)

Paul Lundy, 'The reception of Enoch Powell in Northern Ireland, 1968-1998' (Dr Corthorn & Prof G. Walker)

Conall MacMichael, 'The fire this time: media, myth, memory and the Black Power movement' (Dr Kelly)

Ryan Mallon, 'A Godly Nation: Presbyterianism, Dissent and Scottish society in the decade after Disruption' (Dr Holmes & Prof. G. Walker)

Sam Manning, 'Post-war cinema-going in the United Kingdom: a comparative analysis of Belfast and Sheffield' (Prof. O'Connell)

Stuart Mathieson, 'The Victoria Institute 1865-1930: a case study in the relationship between science and religion' (Dr Holmes, Dr D. Finnegan & Prof. D. Wilkinson, Durham University)

Jeremy Maxwell, 'African Americans in the military: "From unwanted to needed:  African Americans in combat, WWII through Vietnam"' (Prof. Clinton) [2014 poster]

Robin McCallum 'Bristol, Norwich and the three Edwards, 1272-1350' (Dr Davis)

Michelle McCann, ‘A nineteenth-century Irish coroner: William Charles Waddell (1846-76)’ (Prof. Gray)

Conleth McCloskey, 'The Fullness of Time:The Cult of Collins in De Valera's Ireland,1932-1973', (Prof Fearghal McGarry)

Grace McGrath, 'Power, profit and plantocracy: the second earl of Belmore and Jamaican slavery' (Prof. Clinton) [2015 poster]

Sarah McHugh, 'A study of Ireland’s elderly female population, 1845 - 1908'

Sandra Millsopp, 'The rise of Bangor as a seaside resort 1830 to 1899' (Prof. Connolly)

Fergal O'Leary, 'Society, politics and empire: Ireland, Egypt and the Sudan, 1882-1885 and 1896-98' (Prof. Gray)

Daniel Patterson, ‘Becoming a man in Restoration England: Two young diarists and their social environments, 1663-1678’ (Prof. Marsh)

Andrei Psarev, 'The limits of communion in the Byzantine church (861-1300)' [2014 poster][2015 poster]

Tim Somers, ‘Collectors of cheap print in seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century England’ (Prof. Marsh)

Karie Schultz, 'The Reception of Calvinist Resistance Theory in Early Seventeenth-Century Scotland', Dr Ian Campbell

Patrick Speight, 'Irish Argentines from Peron to the Dirty War and the fall of the generals' (Dr D Bryan) [2015 poster]

Lauren Taylor (Ferguson),'Emyr Estyn Evans and the cultural identity of Ulster, c.1929 - 1969' (Prof. Gray)

Ruth Thorpe, 'Elite women and material culture in Ireland 1760-1840' (Prof. O'Dowd)

Rachel Wallace, ‘“Gay is good”: Gay rights and social justice in Belfast and Boston’ (Dr Stanonis/ Prof. Mary O’Dowd/ Dr G. Loughlin (Durham))

David Whitla, 'Fanatical Ideologue?  The Mind of Archibald Johnston of Wariston, (1611-1663)' (Prof Fearghal McGarry)

Thesis completed in History since 1993


Pamela Linden, Jewish identity and community in Belfast, 1920-48. PhD Supervisor: Prof. Gray

Kerron Ó Luain, The Fenians of 19th-century South Ulster and their antecedents. PhD Supervisor: Prof. Connolly

Chih-Hui Tsai, 'Robert Hart and the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customes'.  PhD Supervisors: Dr Reisz and Prof Jeffery


Robin McCallum, Bristol, Norwich and the three Edwards, 1272-1350. PhD. Supervisor: Dr James Davis

Lisa O’Connor, Connecting tastes: foodways and the creation of the Irish Atlantic in the twentieth century. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Crawford Gribben

Leanne Calvert, Love, life and the family in the Ulster Presbyterian community, 1780-1844. Ph.D Supervisor: Prof. Mary O'Dowd


Emily Haire, Anglo-French intelligence liaison, 1909-39. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Keith Jeffery.

Aoife Laughlin, Defining America: the politics of citizenship and national identity in the United States, 1844-50. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Anthony Stanonis.

Neil Watt, Women of the big house families of Ireland and marriage, 1860-1920. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Marie Coleman.

Peter LearyUnapproved routes: histories of the Irish border, c.1922-72. PhD: Supervisors: Fearghal McGarry and Prof. Hastings Donnan.

Chris Magill, East Ulster and the Irish Revolution, 1920-22. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Fearghal McGarry.

Timothy Watt, Order and disorder in Ireland, 1692-1735. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. David Hayton.

Paul Huddie, Ireland's responses to the Crimean War 1854-6. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Peter Gray.

Daniel Ritchie, Evangelicalism, abolitionism, and Parnellism: The public career of the Revd Isaac Nelson. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Andrew Holmes.


Thomas Donnachie, Irish Covenanters and politics 1798 - 1892. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Andrew Holmes.

James O'Neill, 'Military strategy and tactics in the Nine Years War'. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Sean Connolly.

Stephen Goss, Northern Ireland, de-colonisation and the Cold War. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Paul Corthorn.

Christopher Loughlin, The political culture of the Belfast labour movement, 1924-39. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Fearghal McGarry.

Meadhbha Ni Bhaoill, Women and education in North-west Donegal, 1831-1960. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Mary O'Dowd.

Judyta Szacillo, The O'Donohue Group of saints' lives in the Codex Salmanticensis, Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof.  Marie-Therese Flanagan.

Rachel Wilson, The roles of elite women in Ireland c. 1690 - 1745. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. David Hayton.


Erica Doherty, Thomas Power O'Connor and the Irish Parliamentary Party 1912-24. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Marie Coleman

Daniel Brown, Hugh de Lacy and the Earldom of Ulster. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Marie-Therese Flanagan

Stephen Sandford, The 10th (Irish) Division in the First World War. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Keith Jeffery


Stuart Aveyard, No solution: British policy in Northern Ireland after Sunningdale, 1974-79. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Keith Jeffery.

Aidan Enright: 'The political life of Charles Owen O'Conor, 1860-1906'. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Peter Gray.

Daniel Brown, The Freedmen's Bureau in North Carolina, 1865-72. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Brian Kelly.

Dale Montgomery, Gender, ritual and power: the Blueshirts and Irish political culture, 1932-36. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Fearghal McGarry. [Abstract]

Matthew Lewis, Frank Aiken and the Fourth Northern Division: a personal and provincial experience of the Irish Revolution, 1916-1923. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Marie Coleman. [Abstract]

Paul Harron, The work of Young & Mackenzie, architectural practice and dynasty, and its significance to Ulster’s built environment. PhD. Supervisor: Prof Sean Connolly. [Abstract]

Lisa Meaney, Civic society in eighteenth-century Ulster c. 1740-1780. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof David Hayton. [Abstract]

Clare O'Kane, A society in transition: Society, identity and nostalgia in rural Northern Ireland, 1939-68. Ph.D. Supervisors: Prof. Peter Gray and Dr Eamonn Hughes. [Abstract]

Gordon Rees, Pamphlets, pamphleteers and the problems of Irish society, c.1727-1749. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Sean Connolly. [Abstract]

Eoin Clarke, Irish Republican Women 1969-86. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Sean O'Connell. [Abstract]


Elaine Doyle, The Qua Iboe Mission, 1887-1925. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Keith Jeffery. [Abstract]

Peter Ludlow, More than Codmen: The Newfoundland-Irish in industrial Cape Breton, 1890-1919. Ph.D. Supervisors: Prof. Peter Gray and Prof. Sean Connolly. [Abstract]

Alison Muir, Paper manufacture in Ireland 1690-1825, with particular reference to the north of Ireland. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. David Hayton. [Abstract]

Sarah Roddy, The churches and emigration from nineteenth-century Ireland. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Peter Gray. [Abstract]

Patrick Smylie, Cold War, partition and convergence: Irish communism 1945-70. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Fearghal McGarry [Abstract]

Patricia Marsh: The effect of the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic in Ulster. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Marie Coleman. [Abstract]

Jonathan Eaton : Soldiers and politics: managing the Roman Army 31BC – AD235. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Brian Campbell. [Abstract]

Claire Allen: Urban elites, civil society and governance in early nineteenth-century Belfast. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Peter Gray. [Abstract]

Mary Clarke: The origins and impact of the Northcote-Trevelyan Report on civil service reform in Britain. Ph.D., Supervisor: Prof Peter Gray.

Claire Rush: Girls’ secondary school education in the north of Ireland, 1867-1947. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Mary O'Dowd. [Abstract]

Elaine Farrell: The crime of infanticide and women suspects in Ireland, 1850-1900. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Mary O'Dowd. [Abstract]

Alice Johnson: Middle-class culture and civic identity in mid-nineteenth century Belfast. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Sean Connolly.

Jonathan WrightThe Tennent family and the political and intellectual life of Presbyterian Belfast c.1801-1832. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Sean Connolly. [Abstract]


Shaun McDaid: Northern Ireland: Sunningdale, power-sharing and British-Irish relations, 1972-75. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Fearghal McGarry. [Abstract]

Robert Whan : 'The Scotch colony': Presbyterians in Ulster, 1680-c.1730. PhD. Supervisor: Prof David Hayton. [Abstract]

Kathryn Tumilty : The Church of Ireland and the Famine in Ulster, PhD. Supervisor: Prof Sean Connolly. [Abstract]

James Cousins: Co. Armagh and the Great War, 1914-18, PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Keith Jeffery. [Abstract]


Amy McKinney: Joseph Dixon and the archdiocese of Armagh, 1852-1866. PhD. Supervisor: Prof Sean Connolly. [Abstract]

S. James Wilson: The making of Orangeism 1795-1800. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Sean Connolly. [Abstract]

Andrew Scholes: The Church of Ireland and the Third Home Rule crisis. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Peter Gray. [Abstract]

Chris Shepard: Women activists and women's associations in Ireland, 1945-68. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Mary O'Dowd. [Abstract]


Olwen Purdue: 'Challenge and change: the big house in north-eastern Ireland, 1878-c.1960'. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof Brian Walker. [Abstract]

Jonathan Harris: The Sunningdale Agreement: British Government policy in Northern Ireland 1972-4. PhD. Supervisor: Sabine Wichert. [Abstract]

Roger McCance : Rebellion and dissent in the Angevin lordship of Ireland during the reign of Henry III (1216-72). PhD. Supervisor: Prof Marie-Therese Flanagan

Fergal McCluskey: The development of Republican politics in East Tyrone, 1898-1918. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Fearghal McGarry. [Abstract]

Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre: Alfred Webb and nationalist politics in Ireland and India: the life of a Dublin Quaker printer. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Sean Connolly. [Abstract]

Elizabeth Rickett: The episcopate of the Church of Ireland, 1603-1660. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Mary O'Dowd [Abstract]

Lisa Townsend: Intellectual and cultural interests of women in Ireland c.1750-1850. PhD. Supervisor: Prof Mary O'Dowd [Abstract]


Suzanne Kingon:  Politics in Ulster in the age of emancipation and reform, c. 1825-35. PhD. Supervisors: Prof. Peter Jupp and Prof. Peter Gray [Abstract]


Steve Flanders: Family, lordship and service - the Courcys in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Judith Green

Jonathan Mattison: From Dolly's Brae to Westminster", the Loyal Orange Institution in Ireland c.1849-1886. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Peter Jupp [Abstract]


Deborah Wilson: Women, marriage and property in wealthy landed families in Ireland, 1750–1850. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd [Abstract]


Alan Black: Parliamentary elections in Ulster counties, 1761-83. MPhil. Supervisor: Dr David Hayton

Graham Brownlow: Institutional change and the two Irelands, 1945-1990: An application of the North's institutional economics. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Liam Kennedy [Abstract]

Andrew Holmes: Presbyterianism and Ulster society: c.1770-1840. PhD. Supervisor: Dr David Hayton

Martin McElroy: A study of Munster politics in an era of transition, c.1825–1835. PhD. Supervisor: Professor Peter Jupp [Abstract]


Elaine McKay: Recreational attitudes and activities of early modern English diarists, 1500-1700 Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Chris Marsh [Abstract]

Ivan Nelson: The Irish Militia, 1793-1802. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr David Hayton


Ann Creighton: The Catholic interest in Irish politics in the reign of Charles II. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr David Hayton

Ian Dickson: 'More Than Discourse': Sermons of Evangelical Protestants in 19th-century Ulster. Ph.D. Supervisors: Professor Sean Connolly and Professor Ian Green

Paul Gray: A social history of illegitimacy in Ireland from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Liam Kennedy

Ann Sofi Krook: The portrayal of women in Irish hagiography to circa AD 900. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Marie Therese Flanagan

Rosemary Richey: Landed society In mid-18th-century County Down. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr David Hayton

Alan Scott: Winds of change, scent of betrayal: press, political development and public opinion in Northern Ireland, 1963-7. Ph.D. Supervisor: Sabine Wichert


Eileen Black: The development of Belfast as a centre of art 1780-1888. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Peter Jupp

Roisin Browne: Kirk and community: Ulster Presbyterian society, 1640-1740. M.Phil. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd

Mark Cooper: The Irish fertilizer industry. Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Liam Kennedy

Jonathan Hamill: A study of female textile operatives in the Belfast linen industry, 1890-1939. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd


David Huddleston: Religion and social class: Church membership in Belfast, c.1870-1930. M.Phil. Supervisor: Professor David Hempton

David Richardson: The career of John Miller Andrews 1871-1956. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Alvin Jackson


Brigitte Anton: Young Germany, The Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, and Young Ireland: Different perspectives of nationalism. Ph.D. Supervisor: Sabine Wichert

Michael D. Boyle: Women and crime in Belfast, 1900-13. PhD. Supervisor: Mr. David S. Johnson

Enda Delaney: Emigration from the Irish Republic to Britain, 1921-70. PhD. Supervisor: Dr. Liam Kennedy

Catherine Hirst: Social history of Sandy Row and the Pound areas of Belfast. Ph.D. Supervisors: Dr Alvin Jackson and Professor Sean Connolly

Marc Mulholland: The Evolution of Ulster Unionism, course and consequences, 1960-1968. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Alvin Jackson

Margaret Neill: Women at work in Ulster, 1845-1911. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd


Kevin Conway: A social history of the Irish Presbyterian ministry in the 18th and 19th centuries. PhD Supervisor: Professor Kenneth D. Brown

Henry Jefferies: The secular clergy of the archdiocese of Armagh, 1519-58. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd

John Lynch: British or Irish? A comparative study of working-class life in three cities, c.1880-1925. PhD. Supervisor: Professor Kenneth D. Brown

Gillian Mcintosh: Unionist culture and literature, 1920-1972. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Alvin Jackson

Eoin Magennis: Government and politics in Ireland during the Seven Years War, 1756-1763. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Peter Jupp

John O'Sullivan: History of obstetrics in Northern Ireland, 1948-92. PhD. Supervisor: Professor Leslie A. Clarkson

Diane Urquhart: The political role of women in North East Ulster, 1890-1940. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd


George Beale: Society and economy in S.E. Ulster, 1825-51. PhD. Supervisor: Professor D.W. Harkness

David Burnett: Unionism and the new century: the structure, organization and mechanics of the Unionist party in Britain and Ulster, 1900-22. PhD. Supervisor: Dr. T. Alvin Jackson

Brian Crowe: Parliamentary experience of the Irish Members of the House of Commons, 1833-1841. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Peter Jupp

Janice Holmes: Religious revivalism and popular evangelicalism in Britain and Ireland, 1859-1905. PhD. Supervisor: Dr. D.N. Hempton

Ann McVeigh: A history of the child and juvenile migration schemes to Australia. PhD. Supervisor: Mr. D.S. Johnson


Patrick Fitzgerald: Poverty and vagrancy in Early Modern Ireland. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd

Jean Agnew: The merchant community of Belfast, 1660-1770. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd

Noel O'Reilly: Pro Fide Et Patria?: The Catholic Church and Republicanism in Ireland, 1912-20. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor David Harkness

John Regan: Countering the revolutionaries: an examination of the Cumann na nGaedhael Party. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor David Harkness


Patrick McNally: Patronage and politics in Ireland, 1714-1727. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Peter Jupp

Allan Blackstock, The Yeomanry in Ulster, 1796-c.1814. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Peter Jupp