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The School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics have a large and diverse PhD student body who contribute enormously to the vibrant research culture of the school. To view the profiles of our students, please click on the links below.

Anthropology Profiles

History Profiles

Philosophy Profiles

Politics and International Relations Profiles

We are proud of our students who have graduated with their Doctorates.  Where possible we stay in touch so that the link and relationships remain long after a student has left the school.

Graduate Anthropology Student Profiles
Graduated History Student Profiles
Graduated Philosophy Student Profiles
Graduated Politics Student Profiles

PhD Profiles Anthropology

We have a large and diverse PhD Student body whom contribute enormously to the vibrant research culture of the school.

Name of Student PhD Research Theme or PhD Thesis Title Principal Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
Federica Banfi Movements in Argentine Tango: a multilocal ethnography of improvisation and transnationalism Maruska Svasek Ioannis Tsioulakis
Taika Bottner The Art of Caring: New Opportunities for Creative Practitioners in the Ageing Economy Maruska Svasek Fiona Magowan
Bryan Clancy Organised by Faith: The Wright Way to Evangelical Christianity and the Transformation of Culture in an “Urban Village” Joe Webster Dominic Bryan
Edward Cooke Orange Parrésia and Resistance. A Photographic Investigation of Orange Culture, Politics and Philosophy as Demonstrated Annually on the Streets of Scotland, Ireland, England and Ireland Dominic Bryan Graham Walker
Savannah Dodd Photography and the Politics of Representation during and after the Troubles Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou Maruska Svasek
Karin Elliot Invisible Walls of Belfast, Visible Walls of Berlin Dominic Bryan Brendan Murtagh
Matthew Gault “Commemorating the Troubles” – Remembrance and Trauma in Contested Spaces Dominic Bryan Prof Hasting Donnan
Alexei Gavriel Conflict Ethnography: Towards Cultural Competence in Population-Centric Conflicts Hastings Donnan Marie O'Neill
Augusto Gazir Martins Soares Tracking Online Political Sociality in Northern Ireland: Social Media engagement in a context of persistent antagonism and increasing diversity Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou Dominic Bryan
Hannah Gibson Cultural intimacy and the country music scene in West Ulster Ioannis Tsioulakis Fiona Magowan
Chrysi Kyratsou Refugees’ Musicking: Meanings and Encounters Ioannis Tsioulakis Fiona Murphy
Panagiotis Loukinas Data Gathering and Sharing from Drones: Challenging Human Rights at EU's External Borders Hastings Donnan Paul Miller
Amanda Lubit Lebanon’s Refugee Crisis: Rethinking the Refugee-Host Relationship Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou Fiona Murphy
Sinead Lynch Youth Agency in Cross Border Music and Peacebuilding on the Island of Ireland: The Cross Border Youth Orchestra of Ireland and the Peace Proms Fiona Magowan Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou
Chiara Magliacane Youth Conflict-Related Trauma through Generations. An Ethnography on the Relationship between Health and Society in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou Fiona Magowan
Allister Mallon The Observation and Analysis of Non-Religious Funerary Ritual Specialists in Northern Ireland With Reference to Contemporary Anthropological Theory and Studies on Funeral Practice Dominic Bryan Jon Lanman
Lee Marshall Navigating Mental Health - The Eastern European Migrant Perspective Maruska Svasek Ciaran Mulholland
Angela Mazzetti 'Living with the Troubles': An ethnographic exploration of memory and emotion. Maruska Svasek Joe Webster
Jamie McCollum An anthropological analysis of the Kurdish diaspora & democratic confederalism: Beyond nationalism and the nation-state? Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou Dominic Bryan
Hanna Oberdorfer The Potential of Creativity for the Integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK and Turkey: An Interdisciplinary Exploration Maruska Svasek Fiona Murphy
Harold Ohayon Armagh: Exploring Shared Space in a Border City Lisette Josephides Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou
Jacob Posega Musical Livelihoods: Life Histories of American Session Musicians Ioannis Tsioulakis Maruska Svasek
Conall Smyth The Northern Ireland Conflict, focusing on Social Identity, Sacred Values and Religion Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Anna Szabelska Religion, Violence and Newly Created Sacred Values Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Hugh Turpin Failing God: Investigating Religious Hypocrisy and Its Effect on Catholic Irish Apostasy Jon Lanman Paulo Sousa
Samuel Ward Porous Essences and Kin Contagion: Enthusiastic Ritual as Promoting Psychological Kinship Jon Lanman Paulo Sousa
Wanting Wu Sensing peace through the body: Tibetan dance and conflict transformation in diasporic communities in London and Zürich Fiona Magowan Pedro Rebelo
Mohaddeseh Ziyachi Mothering as a Cultural Model Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman


PhD Profiles Cognition and Culture

We have a large and diverse PhD Student body whom contribute enormously to the vibrant research culture of the school.

Name of Student PhD Research Theme or PhD Thesis Title Principal Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
Nicholas Brown Identity Fusion and Afterlife Beliefs: Understanding Self-Sacrifice Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Adam Gilreath Intergroup Conflict, Threat, and Radicalization: The Case of Peace Walls in Northern Ireland. Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Mathilde Hernu Supernatural Explanations and Explanatory Coexistence: the cases of Misfortune, Illness, and Natural Disaster. Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Panagiotis Loukinas Data Gathering and Sharing from Drones: Challenging Human Rights at EU's External Borders Hastings Donnan Paul Miller
Gary Lavery The Ontogeny of Human Deontic Competence Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Conall Smyth Sacred Values, Ritual, Group Identity Fusion & Radicalisation in the Context of the Northern Ireland Conflict. Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Anna Szabelska Religion, Sacred Values, Morality and Radicalization. The case of abortion. Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman
Samuel Ward 'Catching the spirit': Disembodied essence contagion and trait transformation in spirit possession Jon Lanman Paulo Sousa
Mohaddeseh Ziyachi Mothering as a Cultural Model Paulo Sousa Jon Lanman


PhD Profiles History

We have a large and diverse PhD Student body whom contribute enormously to the vibrant research culture of the school.


Name of Student PhD Research Theme or PhD Thesis Title Principal Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
Melissa Baird Irish-America and the Northern Irish Civil Rights Movement 1966-1969 Marie Coleman Kiera Williams
Lauren Browne The Posthumous Representation of Medieval Queens-Consort and Royal Paramours Christopher Marsh James Davis
Robert Cotter Zinzendorf and Cennick: the education of an evangelist. Scott Dixon Crawford Gribben
Jack Crangle Ethnic Minority Communities in Twentieth Century Belfast Sean O'Connell Kieran Connell
Rosemary Cunningham Irish Quaker Family Businesses From the Start of the Eighteenth Century to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century (1700-1900) Mary O'Dowd Leonie Hannan
Gerald Daniel Louis The East India Company and the Transportation of Indian Convict Labor to the Straits Settlements, 1789 – 1858 Emma Reisz Ashok Malhotra
Shannon Devlin Protestant middle-class sibling relations in nineteenth-century Ulster Elaine Farrell Mary O'Dowd
Padraig Durnin Left Internationalism and the Ends of Empire: British Imperial Decline’s Affect in Shaping Internationalist Solidarity Movements Between 1956 and 1991 Kieran Connell Paul Corthorn
Scott Eaton John Stearne’s Confirmation in context: witchcraft, religion and popular culture in East Anglia, 1645-1648 Crawford Gribben Stephen Kelly
Steven Egan The Commonwealth and the Irish Partition in Transnational Perspectives, 1920-1925 Margaret O'Callaghan Marie Coleman
James Isaac Fazio The Ecclesiological Center of John Nelson Darby’s Dispensationalism Crawford Gribben Scott Dixon
Sean Garland Women of the Irish Citizen Army: An Assessment of their Role and Recognition During and After the Revolutionary Period 1916-1923 Marie Coleman Fearghal McGarry
Matthew Gerth Anti-Communism in Great Britain and the United States During the Early Cold War, 1945 - 1956 Paul Corthorn Alexander Titov
Laura Gillespie Contraband Camps and the Development of African-American Politics, 1860-1866 Brian Kelly Nik Ribianszky
Nadine Gilmore Queer Belfast: Social and Cultural Practices of Gay Men, Circa 1967-2005 Sean O'Connell Kieran Connell
Samantha Gowdy Rights Movement in Arkansas 1919-1939. Brian Kelly  
Bridget Harrison Cultural perceptions of Irish Roman Catholic women religious, 1849-1907. Mary O'Dowd Elaine Farrell
Barry Henderon The Forgotten Tycoon: James McHenry, the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad and British-led European investment in American Railroads (1851-91) Catherine Clinton Brian Kelly
Peter Hodson Memory, Conflict and Class: The Experience and Legacy of Deindustrialisation in Belfast and North-East England since 1970 Sean O'Connell Paul Corthorn
Robert Hodson Crime and Disorder in C17th English Ballads Christopher Marsh James Davis
Matthew Houston The churches, Northern Ireland and the Second World War Andrew Holmes Laurence Kirkpatrick
Stuart Irwin Belfast Corporation, 1874-1896: managing a mature industrial city Olwen Purdue Paul Corthorn
Alexander Jeffery Security, Politics and Public Opinion in the Republic of Ireland During the 'Troubles' 1968-1998 Peter McLoughlin Fearghal McGarry
Johanna Lowry O'Reilly A case study of the Rt. Hon. James MacMahon Under-Secretary, Dublin Castle, 1918-1922, within a framework of political, educational and social historiography Marie Coleman Fearghal McGarry
Paul Lundy The Reception of Enoch Powell in Northern Ireland, 1968-1998 Paul Corthorn Graham Walker
Alister Mallon The Observation and Analysis of Non-Religious Funerary Ritual Specialists in Northern Ireland With Reference to Contemporary Anthropological Theory and Studies on Funeral Practice

Dominic Bryan

Jon Lanman
Maire Mac Bride Commemoration and Social Memory in Northern Ireland: Using Heritage to Remember the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme John Brewer Marie Coleman
Emma McAlister Investigating the Impact of Perceived Provenance, Space and Appropriated Ritual Responses on the Understanding of Sacred Objects Leonie Hannan Mary O'Dowd
Rowena McCallum Friars, Identity and Space in Medieval Irish Towns James Davis Sparky Booker
Michelle McCann A Nineteenth Century Irish Coroner: William Charles Waddell (1846-1878) Peter Gray Olwen Purdue
Conleth McCloskey The Afterlife of Michael Collins 1922-98: Commemoration, Literature and Politics. Fearghal McGarry Marie Coleman
Conor McFall Red Scare: Anti-Communism and the Labour Party in 20th Century Britain Paul Corthorn Christopher Marsh
Grace McGrath Power, Profit, Plantocracy, and the Emancipation War Peter Gray Mary O'Dowd
Sarah McHugh The institutional care of Ireland’s elderly female population, 1845-1908 Elaine Farrell Mary O'Dowd
Elizabeth McKee Clothing the Poor in Ulster, Circa 1850-1914 Elaine Farrell Olwen Purdue
Claire McNulty The Experience of Discipline Amongst the Community of the Faithful in Lothian, Scotland 1640 -1671 Crawford Gribben Ian Campbell
Georgios Moraitis The Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs and the Negotiation of International Law, 1842-1911 Emma Reisz Jack Seddon
Rhianne Morgan Belfast Baths: Exploring and Interpreting the Historic Spaces of the Victorian Industrial City Olwen Purdue Tom Hulme


Fergal O'Leary  Soldiers, Politics and the Empire: Ireland, Egypt and the Sudan, 1882-1900 Peter Gray Eric Morier-Genoud
Andrei Psarev The Limits of Communion in the Byzantine Church (861-1300): A Study of Canon 15 of the First and Second Council in Constantinople (861) Eric Morier-Genoud  
Brigid Rafferty Caught in the Crossfire: Catholic Sisters in Northern Ireland during 'The Troubles’ Mary O'Dowd Margaret O'Callaghan
Karie Schultz The Reception of Calvinist Resistance Theory in Early Seventeenth-Century Scotland Ian Campbell Crawford Gribben
Matthew Stanton Charisma and Controversy: Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) and the Debate about Congregational Song  Crawford Gribben Ian Campbell
Lauren Taylor 'Emyr Estyn Evans and the cultural identity of Ulster, 1929 - 1969' Peter Gray Eamonn Hughes
Rachael Thomas International Responses to the Northern Irish Hunger Strikes, 1980/81 Richard English Fearghal McGarry
David Whitla ‘Archibald Johnston of Wariston (1611-63) and the Formation of British Puritanism’ Crawford Gribben Scott Dixon
Lucy Wray National Museums Northern Ireland Northern Bridge Partnership Award:  The Photographer and the City Olwen Purdue Kieran Connell
Yiran Zhang

The Maritime Customs Service and the shaping of modern China at the local level, 1854 to 1949

Emma Reisz Aglaia De Angeli


PhD Profiles Philosophy

We have a large and diverse PhD Student body whom contribute enormously to the vibrant research culture of the school.


Name of Student PhD Research Theme or PhD Thesis Title Principal Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
Marco Barone G. W. Leibniz and Jonathan Edwards on Free-Agency Joseph Diekemper Stephen Williams
Jamie Day Cybersecurity, Ethics and the Right to Privacy Tom Walker Kieran McLaughlin
Ruth Hewitson What is Morally Required or Justified when Making Treatment Decisions for Children with Mental Illness? Tom Walker Jeremy Watkins
Femi Omotoyinho The Moral Responsibility of Arms Industry in Just War Theory Jeremy Watkins Keith Breen
Suzanne Whitten ‘Understanding hate speech through the lens of a recognition account of the public sphere’ Fabian Schuppert Cillian McBride


PhD Profiles Politics and International Studies

We have a large and diverse PhD Student body whom contribute enormously to the vibrant research culture of the school.


Student Name PhD Research Theme or PhD Thesis title Principal Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
Antonella Acinpura Middle East Politics (Political Violence in Israel/Palestine) Andrew Thomson Julie Norman
Olivia Brabazon

The role of the EU PEACE Programmes in supporting conflict transformation for young people on the island of Ireland 

Cathal McCall Lee McGowan
Patrick Brown The Case for a Universal Basic Income in Northern Ireland and its Effect on Conflict Transformation John Barry Peter Doran
Siofra Frost Non-Aligned Communities in Deeply Divided Societies Beverley Milton-Edwards Timofey Agarin
Mazen Iwaisi Landscape Archaeology as Politicised Space in Palestine (West Bank) Beverley Milton-Edwards Audrey Horning
Alexander Jeffery Security, Politics and Public Opinion in the Republic of Ireland during the 'Troubles' 1968-1998 Peter McLoughlin Fearghal McGarry
Matthew Kirk Female Suicide Bombers: Gender, Ethnicity and Mass Media Debbie Lisle Beverley Milton-Edwards
Anna Kruglova Marketing, propaganda and the jihadi threat in twenty-first century Europe Richard English Shane Brighton
Ciara McHugh Returning the Gaze: Global Perspectives on the Impact of Surveillance Technology in Police-community Relations Debbie Lisle  
Gail Ritchie Confronting Commemoration: Visuality, Aesthetics and Multiplicity as Concepts for a Troubles Memorial Debbie Lisle Margaret O'Callaghan
Niall Robb The Influence of Non-state Actors on the Outcome of the UK’s EU Withdrawal Negotiations: The Ireland/Northern Ireland Dimension David Phinnemore Lee McGowan
Sinan Baran State-Business Relations and Economic Transition in the Modern World-System: A Comparative Study of South Africa and Zimbabwe Stefan Andreasson Andrew Thomson
Samuel Beckton The Lost Tribe: The Transformation of the Southern Irish Unionist Ideology and Identity Since 1921 Graham Walker Margaret O'Callaghan
Claire Bevan Regulating the Use of Big Data: The Challenge for Government Muiris MacCarthaigh Deepak Padmanabhan
Olivia Brabazon An Assessment of the Potential for Brexit to Disrupt Community Relations in Northern Ireland Through Disturbing Youth Experience of Community Inclusion and Conflict Legacy in the Border Region Cathal McCall Lee McGowan
Alexander Brammer SYMBOLIC DOMINATION: THE AMERICAN STRUGGLE FOR LEGITIMACY IN IRAQ, 2004-2014 Beverley Milton-Edwards Dominic Bryan
Raymond Brown Nowhere To Hide! - Edward Snowden, Mass Surveillance and the Politics of Classified Information Richard English Michael Bourne
Oliver Donnelly Playing with Fire? – Monitoring and Engineering Political Interactions in Video Games Michael Bourne Kieran McLoughlin
Fabian Espejo Fandino Multinational Corporations: Friends or foes of peace? Multinational Corporations and state capture in Colombia. Andrew Thomson Stefan Andreasson
Muhammad Feyyaz A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Terrorism in Pakistan, 2001-2016  Richard English Andrew Thomson
Emma-Louise Fletcher Wildlife Security: A posthumanist analysis of violence, surveillance and care in South African poaching and Conservation. Michael Bourne John Barry
Gerard Gallagher

The political economy of SME finance in post-crash UK.

To find out more about Gerard's journey through Queen's studying a BA Politics, Master in International Relations and currently a PhD in Politics please click here

Stefan Andreasson Fabian Schuppert
Georgios Glouftsios Technological Politics and EU Border Security: Materialising Information Systems Debbie Lisle Philip O'Kane
Dominik Hamm Government Communication and Terrorist Organizations: Towards a Concept of
“Crisis Communication” for Western Governments
Richard English Andrew Thomson
Sean Heron Devolved Discourses: Rural Environmental Politics in Northern Ireland and Scotland in the Shadow of Brexit Lee McGowan Viviane Gravey
Aylisha Hogan An Examination of the Failure of ‘Fortress Europe’ to Protect Unaccompanied Refugee Minors and Recommendations for What Could be Done Differently Fiona Murphy Heather Johnson
Neale Jagoe Football Allegiances in Depply Divided Societies Graham Walker Sean O'Connell
Rebecca Kerr Has the Influx of Predominantly Muslim Refugees into the EU Influenced a Native Ideological Move Towards a Right-Wing Agenda? A Study with a Political Sociological Framework and Case Study Countries the UK, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands Lee McGowan Christopher Raymond
Konstantin Macher Programming Security Ethics in Cyber-Physical Systems Michael Bourne Kieran McLaughlin
Meabh McAuley Women, Daesh & Discourse: A Critical Analysis. Beverley Milton-Edwards Birgit Schippers
Elayne Cronin (McCabe) Visualizing Global Drug Flows: Transnational Connections to the Overdose Crisis in New England, USA. Debbie Lisle Michael Bourne
Stephen McGookin The Currency of Credibility: Reputation, Trust and Esteem as Indicators of Value in News Organizations Cillian McBride Debbie Lisle
Ian McInnes A Separatist Tendency: A Political History of Bill Craig and the Vanguard Unionist Party Graham Walker Margaret O'Callaghan
Connel McKeown Does open government increase government accountability? Muiris MacCarthaigh Michael Bourne
Charlene McKibben Rethinking the Populist Threat: Addressing the Crisis of Liberal Democracy and the Case for Agonistic Democracy Keith Breen Cillian McBride
Ryan McLean The Rise of ‘Green’ China: A Comparative Study of Beijing’s Modern Energy Policy in the Global South Stefan Andreasson Fabian Schuppert
Kathryn Mitchell Development Efforts to Increase Security and Emancipation to End Female Radicalization Michael Bourne Heather Johnson
Tomás Ó hÁbhartaigh ‘Conditions of Connectivity: Mapping Economic Relationships within Information Capitalism’ John Barry Fabian Schuppert
Matthew O'Neill The ‘Border Porotype’: Understanding Europe’s New Frontier the Digital Single Market Cathal McCall Sakir Sezer
James Pow Strengthening Post-Conflict Democracy: Examining the Potential Legitimacy of a Citizens’ Assembly in Northern Ireland John Garry Rhiannon Turner
Emanuel Quashie

Stakeholders of Terrorism, the War on Terror and Caribbean Preparedness

Richard English Michael Bourne
Séverine Robert

An empirical assessment of citizens supports for post-growth alternatives: case study of the island of Ireland.

John Barry Fabian Schuppert
Jessica Simonds

Mitigating the Piratical Threat Through Institutions: Securitizing Piracy Across Land and Sea

To find out more about Jessica's journey through Queen's studying a BA International Politics and Conflict Studies, MA Violence, Terrorism and Security and currently a PhD in International Relations please click here

Heather Johnson Mike Bourne
Federica Simone On the Road to Independence: A Comparison of Ethnic Nationalistic Movements in Europe, and their Impact on Domestic and EU politics Timofey Agarin Elodie Fabre
Erin Tumulty Hamas’ Female Candidates of the 2006 Legislative Elections Beverley Milton-Edwards Yvonne Galligan
Kerry Wallace An examination of the role of novel technologies in addressing food security; an interdisciplinary perspective. Michael Bourne Katrina Campbell
Lisa Whitten Northern Ireland's Constitutional Political Status and the Implications of "Brexit" David Phinnemore Gordon Anthony