Anna Kruglova - student profile

Anna Kruglova - photoANNA KRUGLOVA


Anna Kruglova is a PhD student at HAPP. Her research is centered on terrorist propaganda with a particular focus on marketing techniques.

Anna did her bachelor’s in International Relations at Ivanovo State University. She holds MSc in Security Studies (University College London) and MA in International Conflict Studies (King’s College Studies).

Anna has experience of working in think tanks, media and conference production. She’s recently become a Eurasian Conflicts Studies Project Director at online think tank ERA Institute, where she is responsible for managing the work of interns and ensuring the smooth operation of the programme.

Anna is particularly interested in the phenomena of terrorism, especially in the reasons of people’s joining terrorist groups and in psychological aspects of it (propaganda, formation of common identity, an image of an  “ enemy”etc). She is also interested in counter terrorist techniques and the usage of social media for promoting ideas. Among other broader interests are the Middle East, international conflicts and peace-building process in warring societies.


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