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I am a French philosophy teacher (high schools) awarded with the French aggregation of philosophy (High School and University Teaching Grade in France). I am a Ph.D. student at the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy (Queen’s University, Belfast) and currently in the last stage of my thesis (Viva planned for beginning 2018). The title of my dissertation is ‘Towards a Critical Theory of the Anthropocene: A Post-Growth Green Republican Analysis’. It is supervised by Professor John Barry.

This thesis articulates theoretical positions in the field of environmental politics. It deals with normative ethical thinking and political philosophy and contends a Republican green theory in order to ensure the transition to more sustainable ways of living in a “climate changed” and “carbon-constrained” world.

I have published two books (in French):

A science-fiction novel on transhumanism, posthumanism and ecological crisis: ‘L’ère du Levant’, ed. Rroyzz, 2016 -

A philosophical essay about ecology and politics: ‘La nécessité d’une écologie radicale. La pensée à l’épreuve des problèmes environnementaux,’ Paris, Sang de la Terre, Paris, 192 pp.


I have published a range of articles in various areas:

- on “Utopia in the Anthropocene” (in French),

- “Levinas and the migratory crisis” (in French),

- “postdemocracy and ecological crisis” (in French, co-written with B. Guillaume),

- a series of articles on degrowth (in French),

- and two articles which are currently in press, “the return of nature in the Anthropocene’ (in English) and an article co-written with John Barry: ’The good Anthropocene and Green political theory: rethinking environmentalism, resisting ecomodernism” (in English) For an overview on my research, see


After my Ph.D. I would be interested in a postdoctoral fellowship in the field of political ecology (green republicanism), green countercultural movements (Transition Town movement, permaculture, slow movement etc.), critical theory applied to ecology, post-anthropocentric ethics, philosophy of earth jurisprudence, etc.


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