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Antonella Acinapura - photoANTONELLA ACINAPURA


Middle East Politics (Violence In Israel/Palestine)

The aim of this research is carrying out a comparative analysis of terrorist strategies employed by Hamas cells and Hilltop Youth in West Bank and East Jerusalem, during the latest escalation of violence that began in July 2015. With a focus on meso-level analysis, this work employs the Contentious Politics approach to identify the mechanisms that influence the selection of violent tactics. By proposing a relational framework for a comparative analysis of radical groups’ strategies, this research analyses how the violent actions to which Palestine and Israel are witnessing are shaped by the developments in political and social radical groups’ relations with state and non-state actors.

My academic interests focuses on political violence and terrorism, collective mobilization in Middle East, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.


I obtained my BA in Oriental Studies (Arabic curricula) from Sapienza University of Rome and my MA in Middle East Politics and Economics from Ca’ Foscari University Venice. During my studies, I studied classical and modern Arabic at the institute Qalam wa Lahw Centre in Marocco and worked as an intern at the Chamber of Commerce in Qatar.

After my MA, I came to Belfast to take part in an internship programme at the Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict, where I have been supporting literature research and reviewing and copyediting papers submitted for the publication in journal Nationalism and Ethnic Politics.