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CHIARA MAGLIACAN Chiara Magliacane - photo

Research Statement

My current research lies within global perspectives on the anthropology of trauma. The title of the project is ‘Youth conflict-related trauma among generations: An ethnography on the relationship between health and society in the post-conflict Northern Ireland’. I am looking at how the discourse on trauma is shaped at different levels and by different actors (i.e. practitioners) in this context, and how it is related to other factors, such as poverty and unemployment, class and gender, and social inequalities. Medical anthropological concepts as the continuum of violence and the politics of victimhood are the lens through which this project is conceived. A major focus is also on the role of transgenerational trauma.

Research Interests

Medical Anthropology

Conflict and Peace Studies

Anthropology of Trauma

Transgenerational Trauma

Ethnopsychiatry, anthropology of mental illness, PTSD

Body and embodiment

Mexico, Northern Ireland

Nahuas, blood, indigenous conceptions, traditional healing

health care systems, social inequalities

residential segregation and divided space

structural and symbolic Violence, politics of victimhood, continuum of violence

Awards and Scholarships

MEIM Travel Fund 2013

MEIM Travel Fund 2014

‘Le Ragunanze’ Award 2015

Degree Plus Award 2016

EASA Travel Fund 2017

ESRC NINE DTP Doctoral Studentship 2017-2021

EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Fellowship 2017-2020 (declined)