Daniel Patterson - student profile


Daniel Patterson - profile photoI am primarily a social and cultural historian of early modern England, with a particular interest in religious culture, gender and masculinity, and the history of ‘everyday life’. My doctoral research project, entitled ‘The Life and Diaries of George Lloyd, 1642-1718’, is based on a close reading of a hitherto unstudied journal by a previously unidentified author. The diarist, George Lloyd, led an undistinguished life as a schoolmaster and Customs official in Colchester and London in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, and kept two surviving diaries – one during his early thirties, the other in his late sixties. Owing to his total obscurity and uneventful life, his writings offer a rare glimpse into the quotidian experiences of an ‘ordinary’ man in early modern England. My research uses Lloyd’s diaries as a ‘micro-historical’ case study to examine a number of themes in cultural and social history, including; Anglican religious devotion, male fashion and the concept of ‘self-fashioning’, early modern understandings of time, occupations and the nature of the ‘career’ in early modern England, and the act of diary-keeping during the period.