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ELAYNE CRONIN (McCABE)Elayne Cronin - profile photo

‌I am pursuing practice-based documentary research on the opioid overdose crisis in the New England region of the United States.  As a professional filmmaker, I am using visual methods to explore the connections between pharmaceutical poppy agriculture in Tasmania, Australia, cross-border commercial trucking at the US-Mexico Border, and emergency responses to overdose victims in Massachusetts. I explore the overdose scene as a site of intersection between Narcan, an overdose reversal medication manufactured from poppies grown in Tasmania and illicit heroin trafficked into the US. I’ve also been filming with American families who’ve lost loved ones to overdose deaths to explore the emotional impacts of global circulations on intimacy and domesticity. The purpose is to develop a video installation and PhD thesis which offers innovative ways of interpreting international relations, drug trafficking, supply chains and global to local entanglements.