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Fabian Espejo Fandino - photoFABIAN ESPEGO FANDINO

I am a Colombian lawyer, LLM in International Business Law (London Met University), Master in Business Studies (University of Ulster) and PhD candidate in Politics at the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics of Queen’s University Belfast. My PhD project title is Multinational Corporations: Friends or foes of peace? Multinational Corporations and state capture in Colombia. My research provides original insights into the mechanisms at work behind the various connections between multi-national corporations (MNCs) and violence as well as these actors’ roles in post-conflict environments. It provides an original contribution to the literatures on state capture, corporate violence, and peace-building. It also has significant potential policy impact on how governments manage MNCs and the contractual obligations of MNCs to post-conflict environments, development, and peace-building.

My professional experience has been mainly focused on transparency and anti-corruption issues, areas in which I have worked as advisor in Colombian public institutions and the Colombian chapter of the United Nations Development Programme. I have been professor of international contract law at Rosario University and economic law at Sergio Arboleda University in Colombia.  My research interests lie in the fields of international development, corporate governance, global governance and international law (public and private).