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Gerald Daniel Louis - photoGERALD DANIEL LOUIS


Qualification: LL.B (UK), MA (UHM, Hawaii), MA (NIU, Illinois)

Program: PhD Candidate, History

Primary Supervisor: Dr Emma Reisz

Secondary Supervisor: Dr Ashok Malhotra


Thesis: The East India Company and the Transportation of Convicts from the Madras Presidency, 1789 - 1858    

Thesis Synopsis: This thesis explores convict transportation from the Madras Presidency to penal colonies across the Indian Ocean under the East India Company between 1789 and 1858. It looks at the transportation of Indian convicts as a set of connections and interactions across the Indian Ocean. To that end, this thesis considers how transportation was understood by the colonial authorities in Madras and around the Indian Ocean, how transportation was imposed in Madras in practice and how transportation was experienced by those being transported from Madras. By focusing on the Madras Presidency, this thesis also explores the continuities and divergences between convict labour and indentured labour from South India around the Indian Ocean.