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Research Title:

Why and how do P&I clubs influence the counter-piracy practice of merchant ships in the high sea, high-risk trade routes?

This project will follow on from the research undertaken for my dissertation as a requirement of the MA in Violence, Terrorism, and Security at Queen’s University Belfast. While my MA dissertation sought to present a hybrid theory of securitization in unconventional spaces this project will seek to understand discourses of threat and how they transcend into practice through industrial actors. This will primarily be through a study of protection and indemnity (P&I) clubs to identify how and why they seek to influence the logistical practices of counter-piracy practice? 

The project will no doubt explore further questions such as to how the significant role of private businesses affects understandings of sovereignty in international relations? How do states ensure they are responsible for maintaining a criminal justice system in the maritime domain? What is the referent object/securitization dynamic between key actors (private business, P&I clubs, shipping companies, states, international organizations)? What/Who is the law of the sea protecting and why? The project will also seek to identify methods of best practice in counter-piracy regimes and allow for the voices of seafarers and industry to be addressed throughout. 

‌All of these questions and more will contribute to the projects interdisciplinary nature and a mixed methods approach that will allow the exploration of international trade law, maritime law, security studies, piracy studies and international relations in one of the most exciting, unconventional spaces of global governance.