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‌KERRY WALLACEKerry Wallace - profile photo

MSc Advanced food safety, Distinction (Queens University Belfast)

BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition, Second class upper division (University of Ulster, Coleraine)

My research considers the role of food production technologies in addressing food security. This is an interdisciplinary project, encompassing fields within politics and biological sciences.

Technology has long been touted as a solution to food insecurity, albeit it with fractious views. Public perception, regulations and legislation, property rights, cost and differing knowledge systems present just some of the key issues that place technology at the interface of science and politics, in a food security context. As such my research looks at where science and politics comes together, where it divides and what difference and/or impact this has for food security. In doing so, I will explore notions expertise, coproduction and boundary work throughout key stages of technology innovation to ultimately aim to answer the overarching question of this research; where does food security politics and food production technologies relate?

Research Interests

Food security, food safety and nutrition, science – politics interfaces, expertise and decision making, qualitative methods.