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Dr Kyle Michael James Shuttleworth is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen’s University, where his present research is focused on the interface between European and Japanese ethics. In particular, his work concerns the ethical thought of Watsuji Tetsurō, and the attempt to establish a global framework for philosophical thinking.

Dr Shuttleworth attained his Ph.D. from Queen’s University Belfast in April 2018 on the ethics of authenticity. His research made an original contribution to the literature by incorporating existential and socio-ethical accounts of ‘the good life’, and by establishing a ‘socio-existential’ approach to authenticity.

He achieved his M.A. in Continental Philosophy from Warwick University, where he focused on German Idealism and phenomenology in general, and Hegel, Heidegger, and Nietzsche in particular. Whilst at Warwick he composed his dissertation on the Hegelian dialectic under the supervision of Professor Stephen Houlgate.

Dr Shuttleworth’s philosophical interests include contemporary ethical ideals (authenticity, autonomy, and virtue ethics), modern Japanese philosophy (Nishitani Keiji and Watsuji Tetsurō), and Continental philosophical thought (German Idealism, phenomenology, and existentialism).        


Watsuji Tetsurō [Bloomsbury Introductions to World Philosophies]. New York: Bloomsbury (Forthcoming Summer 2019).          


‘Virtues and Ethics in Watsuji Tetsurō’s RinrigakuPhilosophy East and West (2019)

‘Watsuji Tetsurō’s Concept of Authenticity’ Comparative Continental Philosophy (2019)

‘An Existential Interpretation of the Picture of Dorian Gray’ Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society (2019)

‘The Role of Death within the Phenomenologies of Hegel and Heidegger’ Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society (2013)

Book Reviews

Jonathan Webber Rethinking Existentialism. Sartre Studies International (Forthcoming 2019)

Anton Luis Sevilla Watsuji Tetsurō’s Global Ethics of Emptiness: A Contemporary Look at a Modern Japanese Philosopher. European Journal of Japanese Philosophy (2018) pp309-312.

Robert E. Carter The Kyoto School: An Introduction - Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society (2017) pp.181-185.

Martin Heidegger The Beginning of Western Philosophy: Interpretation of Anaixmander and Parmedides - Phenomenological Review (2016)

Somogy Varga Authenticity as an Ethical Ideal - Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society (2015) pp.161-166.


Module Convening - Open Leaning at Queen’s

Contemporary Conceptions of the Good (2019)

Asian Philosophy: An Introduction (2017)

Existentialism and the Meaning of Life (2016)

An Introduction to Philosophy (2015)

Teaching Assistant at QUB

Modern Political Thought (2018)

Perspectives on Politics (2017)

Philosophy and the Good Life (2016)

Philosophy and the Human Nature (2015)

Philosophy in School (2015-2019

Belfast Methodist College

Royal Belfast Academic Institute

Belfast High School

Friends School Lisburn

*Funded by The Royal Institute of Philosophy



‘Virtues and Ethics in Watsuji’s Rinrigaku’ European Network of Japanese Philosophy Conference, Hildesheim (Sep. 2018)

‘Rethinking Authenticity: Sartre and Taylor in Dialogue’ – UK Sartre Society, Oxford (Jul. 2018)

‘Authenticity and Alienation in Contemporary Japanese Society’ - European Network of Japanese Philosophy Conference. Sorbonne, Paris (Nov. 2017)

‘Watsuji, Heidegger, and Taylor’ Authenticity Workshop. Queens University Belfast (Sep. 2017)

‘Socio-Existential Authenticity’ – UK Sartre Society, Oxford (Jul. 2017)

‘Watsuji’s Honraisei and Nishitani’s Sunyata’  - European Network of Japanese Philosophy Conference, Brussels (Sep. 2016)

‘Japanese Authenticity’ – Invited speaker, Kyoto University (Jul. 2016)

‘Watsuji Tetsuro’s Concept of Authenticity’ – Watsuji Conference, Nagoya University (Jun. 2016)

‘Rethinking de Beauvoir’ Simone de Beauvoir Workshop, Cardiff University (Aug. 2015)


‘Modern Ethical Ideals’ at Queen’s University Belfast (Mar. 2019)

‘Authenticity Workshop’ at Queen’s University Belfast (Sep. 2017)


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