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My doctoral research is concerned with the concept of authenticity as a response to the problems of freedom and meaning. Namely, I seek to determine the extent to which the modern ethic of authenticity can address the restriction of freedom and the loss of meaning within contemporary Western culture. Taking a hermeneutic approach, I will contextual my enquiry in order to explain how these problems emerged and the effect they have had upon modern society. In order to address these problems, I will define the ethic of authenticity in relation to sincerity, integrity, and autonomy, and then construct a socio-existential account of authenticity. In order to determine whether my concept of authenticity offers the most satisfactory response to the loss of freedom and restriction of meaning, I will also consider three alterative responses. I will evaluate Habermas' modern approach, Foucault's postmodern response, and MacIntyre's premodern resolution, and attempt to demonstrate that each of these accounts are unable to satisfactorily address the problems of freedom and meaning. Nevertheless, I intend to derive positive aspects from each of these three encounters (Habermas' colonization thesis, Foucault's account of power, and MacIntyre's notion of narrative) which I will assimilate into my own account, in order to further develop the concept of socio-existential authenticity.


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