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LAUREN BROWNELauren Browne - student photo

I am interested in the posthumous representation of medieval women. My thesis examines the posthumous representation of medieval queens-consort and royal paramours throughout the sixteenth century. Through the examination of chronicles, ballads, plays, poems, and chapbooks, I look at how the representation of these figures were negotiated into the changing political and social agendas of the Tudor period. I examine the Tudor representation certain queens-consort or paramours as case-studies which will contribute to the wider thesis surrounding Tudor perception and manipulation of the medieval past.

More broadly, I am interested in representations of gender, cheap print literature, royal pageants, coronations, royal funerals and funerary monuments in the medieval and early modern periods.

I am also a regular columnist for the Tudor Society’s online magazine ‘Tudor Life’ and contribute several online lectures and Q&A sessions.

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