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Lucy Wray - photoLUCY WRAY

Lucy Wray is a first year Ph.D. Student at Queen’s University Belfast where she previously received her B.A in English and History and M.A. in History. Her thesis entitled, ‘The Photographer and the City: the work of A.R. Hogg in recording social conditions in early twentieth-century Belfast’ is supervised by Dr Olwen Purdue, Dr Kieran Connell and Dr Vivienne Pollock (Ulster Museum). Her project will examine A.R Hogg and his contemporaries, exploring the role of the photographer as an observer and actor in early twentieth-century Belfast. It will discuss the relationship between photography and themes such as working-class social conditions, public health and social welfare. Moreover, it will consider the links between photography, associational culture and philanthropy in the British industrial city. Lucy is a Northern Bridge Doctoral studentship award holder and is working  in collaboration with the historic photographic collections of National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI). Consequently, she is interested in public history and cultural heritage.

She is also interested in gender and consumption and her MA thesis, supervised by Dr Leonie Hannan, was entitled “Glittering consumer palaces’: Exploring gender and consumption in the  Belfast Department Store, c. 1860-1920’. More broadly, she has research interests in social and cultural history and material and visual cultures.