Mohaddeseh Ziyachi - student profile

Modaddeseh Ziyachi - photoMOHADDESEH ZIYACHI

Institute of Cognition and Culture

Research Theme: Motherhood

Research Title: Iranian motherhood; A cognitive- cultural approach

Research Interests: cognitive anthropology, women studies, cultural studies, gender and city

Supervisors: Dr Paulo Sosa, Dr. Jonathan Lanman



Project Summary: in my PhD research, I am going examine motherhood in Iranian contemporary society from a cognitive cultural approach. It means to ethnographically contextualize motherhood in the contemporary Iranian socio-cultural and political context from a cognitive perspective. I presuppose that motherhood is a cultural model, and the Iranian traditional motherhood model, responding to its modern context, has been confronting conflicting socio-political changes and challenges, and this confrontation has brought about a new cognitive shift to the cultural model of Iranian motherhood. This cognitive shift has been shaping more differentiated heterogeneous cultural models of motherhood in Iran. In my project, I try to have an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the features of present motherhood’s cognition, its probable changes, and its effect on the behaviours.


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