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Supervisors: Professor Mary O’Dowd and Dr Leonie Hannan

PhD title: Irish Quaker Family Businesses from 1700-1900. This is a working title and may alter with time and findings.

PhD Abstract: This proposed research project will examine the business lives of Irish Quaker families with particular focus on succession of the businesses to the next generations. Through accessing archives, I will utilise Quaker will documents to identify trends and reveal original dynamics of Irish Quaker family businesses and their networks. This analysis of Quaker succession planning aims to highlight how family members were treated and how business assets were divided.

Areas of special interest:  Quaker ideology, gender, marriage, ethics and beliefs.

Bibliographical Details: I graduated from the Ulster University in 1980 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. I worked as a Physiotherapist in a health care environment for thirty- two years. In my final years of service, I specialised in Community care and Lymphoedema treatment.

I obtained a BA Hons 2:1 in English and History in 2014 with Ulster University Coleraine campus. My Supervisor was Dr Leanne McCormick.

In 2016 I obtained a Masters of Research in the Arts from Ulster University under the supervision of Dr Leanne McCormick.

In September 2017 I commenced my PhD in History with Queens University Belfast.