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Ryan McLean - photoRYAN McLEAN


Research Statement

My PhD research comes under the remit of the Centre for the Study of Risk and Inequality (CSRI) and the project's theme will examine the political economy behind energy transitions. The 'transition' in question is to what degree there is a movement away from fossil fuel usage towards renewable sources of energy in the 'Global South'. To assess this, my comparative study research will focus on how China - an external actor - impacts on renewable energy transitions within specific developing countries.

Research interests

International Political Economy

Chinese Politics

Energy Politics, Renewable Energy and Investment International Relations

Academic Awards and Achievements

PISP Award for Highest Marks (2013-2014).

Postgraduate Bursary Award (2015).

Best MA Dissertation (2016) Award in the School of History Anthropology Philosophy and Politics (HAPP).

Department for the Economy (DfE) Postgraduate Research Studentship (2017-2020).