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Samuel Beckton - photoSAMUEL BECKTON

My name is Samuel Beckton and I am originally from Leeds. I did a BA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations at the University of Hull (2011-2014), and an MPhil in International Peace Studies at Trinity College Dublin (2015-2016). I am interested in Politics and international development, and I have done a number of volunteer roles. 

At school I debated politics on Morley Community Radio and was my schools elected representative on the Leeds Youth Council for 3 years. Linked to the LYC, I was an elected Member of the UK Youth Parliament for 3 years. Also, I was my school representative on the Auschwitz Project in 2010 and taught year 8 & 9 Religious Education students afterwards. I was a member of the Army Cadet Force from 2008 to 2011, reaching the rank of Lance Corporal in the Wakefield detachment, E Company, the Rifles.

Whilst in Hull, I gained valuable admin experience undertaking the Westminster Hull Internship Programme for three months. I also did a voluntary three-week summer internship at the Scottish Parliament. I joined the Duke of Edinburgh Society where I was the Treasurer from 2012 to 2014, and handled the society’s budget and fundraising events. I was part of the Hull Conservative Future where I stood in an organisation election for the position of Local Area Chairman of East Yorkshire. I stood in local elections for Hull’s Council as a Conservative candidate in 2012 and 2014, and at one point the General Secretary for the Conservative Future in East Yorkshire and the Events Officer in the Yorkshire & Humberside region.

After I graduated from Hull, I undertook some development work. I went to Kenya with Balloon Kenya for six weeks, helping to teach business and finances to local entrepreneurs in Kericho. I then helped conflict victims in Colombia with Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange for 16 weeks including some part time teaching for former drug users in a minor rehab charity in Bogota. Finally, I undertook a 12-week internship with Minority Rights Organisation in Cambodia. Whilst at the MIRO, I helped ethnic Vietnamese and Khmer Krom who were subject to Human Rights abuses apply for funding and grants which were available to them. 

I have also done internships at Human Appeal Ireland (six months), Riskline doing security analyst work (4 months), the British Red Cross in Leeds helping Refugee services (2 months), and I was a Civilian Assistant in the Army Cadet Force in Wakefield (9 months), and currently a Regional Ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust.

At QUB, I am a Politics PhD student, my supervisor is Graham Walker and my research title is:

 "The Lost Tribe: The Transformation of the Southern Irish Unionist Identity and Ideology since 1921."

My Thesis is looking into modern Southern Unionism in the Republic of Ireland, and it has utilised a nationwide survey and interviews with some genuine Southern Unionists. Also, I have just been elected as the current Postgraduate Research Officer for the QUB Student Union.