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Savannah Dodd

Savannah Dodd is a PhD candidate in the field of anthropology. Her thesis will look at photography in conflict and post-conflict Belfast, specifically exploring the politics of representation.

Savannah completed her MA in the anthropology and sociology of development at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva in 2015. Her master's thesis explored the politics of identity construction on organised youth tourism in Israel-Palestine.

Outside of academia she has applied her research experience in the development sector, working in Switzerland, Turkey, and Thailand. Additionally, Savannah is a photographer and often uses her experience in the two disciplines to produce visual ethnographies. Her images have been presented in 9 curated and 3 solo exhibitions, and in 2 Belfast-based arts journals.

Savannah’s academic research has been published in 4 peer-reviewed journals for her work exploring themes of religious and political conflict, tourism, public space, and visual methods.