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History Anthropology Philosophy Politics


Research Opportunities


  • Law and society in English Ireland (c.1200-c.1540)

  • Medieval Irish towns

  • Women in Medieval Ireland

Dr Sparky Booker

  • Early Modern British and Irish History

  • European Intellectual History and the History of Political Thought

  • Renaissance Humanism

  • Scholasticism and Early Modern Universities

  • Church History, whether Catholic or Protestant

Dr Ian Campbell
  • Race and immigration

  • Urban history

  • The New Left

Dr Kieran Connell
  • British Political History after 1918, including the Thatcher Era
  • Britain and the Cold War

  • British Political History and Northern Ireland

Dr Paul Corthorn
  • Twentieth century Italian history

  • Sexuality and emotions in twentieth-century (especially southern) Europe

  • The post-war European ‘economic miracle’, 1950s-1970s

  • History of motherhood and infant feeding

Dr Niamh Cullen
  • Early Modern Ireland

  • Seventeenth-Century Britain

  • History of Medicine

Dr John Cunningham
  • Medieval social and economic history

  • Medieval urban history

  • Pre-modern markets and trade

Dr James Davis
  • Sino-Western encounter, especially China and Italy, France, Ireland or Russia

  • Visual sources and historical photography in China

  • Sir Robert Hart and Chinese Customs

  • Law and society in modern China

Dr Aglaia De Angeli
  • Nineteenth-century social history

  • Crime history

  • Women’s history

Dr Elaine Farrell
  • Nineteenth-century Irish history

  • Comparative famine history

  • Pre-Troubles history of Northern Ireland

Professor Peter Gray
  • Puritanism, especially John Owen

  • John Nelson Darby

  • Contemporary American evangelicalism

Professor Crawford Gribben
  • Social and cultural history, gender, family and material culture

  • Histories of home

  • Histories of intellectual life and/or letter-writing

  • Heritage collections and adult learning

Dr Leonie Hannan
  • Protestantism in Ireland since 1600

  • Comparative history of evangelical Protestantism

  • Pre-Troubles religious history of Northern Ireland

Dr Andrew R. Holmes
  • Urban history from the late 19th to mid-20th century in Britain

  • The nature of citizenship and belonging

  • The place of the past, and especially of historical re-enactment

Dr Tom Hulme
  • 19th and 20thc. African American history

  • US labour and social history

  • History of the American Left

Dr Brian Kelly
  • Modern Irish history

  • Politics and culture in 20th century Ireland

  • Commemoration and historical memory

Professor Fearghal McGarry
  • History of Imperial Science in India

  • Nutritional Science History

  • British literary representations of India

  • Missionary Networks of Print

Dr Ashok Malhotra
  • Early modern British history, particularly social and cultural history

Professor Christopher Marsh
  • African history and the Portuguese-speaking world

  • Religion, Christian missionaries, and Islam

  • Civil wars, conflict resolution, negotiations and mediation

Dr Eric Morier-Genoud
  • British or Irish focussed studies on:

  • Oral history

  • Working class community (including deindustrialisation)

  • Gender history

  • Social history of Belfast since Partition

Professor Sean O'Connell
  • Carolingian history

  • Early medieval intellectual history

  • Glossing studies

Dr Sinead O'Sullivan
  • Roman history

Dr Laura Pfuntner
  • The British and Irish industrial city 1850-1930

  • Urban poverty and welfare 1850-1930

  • Public history and memory; heritage

  • Child and family welfare

  • Urban development and public health

  • Irish landed estates and country houses

Dr Olwen Purdue

  • Asian, imperial, transnational and world history
  • Sino-Western relations
  • British imperialism in Asia
  • Photography and empire
  • Ireland and empire
  • Trade and commodities
  • Historical social networks
Dr Emma Reisz
  • Twentieth-Century U.S. History

  • Gender Studies

  • African American Studies

  • U.S. Cultural Studies

Dr Keira Williams
  • 18th and 19th century African American and US History
  • Slavery
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
Dr Nik Ribianszky


Research Opportunities


  • Rituals, symbols and group identity

  • Commemoration and memory

  • The anthropology of Ireland

  • Conflict transformation

  • Political violence

  • Anthropology and policy

Dr Dominic Bryan
  •  Cognitive Anthropology of Religion & Ritual

  • Cognitive Anthropology of Atheism

Dr Jonathan Lanman
  • Music and storytelling in conflict transformation/peacebuilding

  • Arts and reconciliation

  • Sense and emotion

  • Dance, movement and empathy

  • Indigenous ritual, religion and performance

  • Christianity and missions

  • Gender and performance

Professor Fiona Magowan


Research Opportunities


  • Epistemic contextualism

  • Belief and degrees of belief

  • Foundations of formal epistemology

  • Epistemic norms of assertion and action

  • Other topics in epistemology

Dr Roger Clarke

  • Space and time

  • Properties

  • Events

  • Persons

  • Divine attributes

  • Divine foreknowledge and human freedom

  • Theological anthropology

Dr Joseph Diekemper
  • General Philosophy of Science

  • Philosophy of Mind and Psychology

  • Quine, Naturalism and Naturalised Epistemology

  • Methodology

 Dr Joe Morrison
  • Intergenerational justice

  • Social egalitarianism

  • Republicanism

  • Climate ethics

  • Risk ethics

  • Moral responsibility

  • Social norms

  • Global justice

  • Moral free-riding

  • Natural resource governance

Dr Fabian Schuppert
  • Moral philosophy, including applied ethics, bioethics and normative moral theory

  • Transitional justice

  • Legal philosophy

  • Analytical political philosophy

  • Philosophy for children

Dr Jeremy Watkins
  • Medical ethics

  • Public health ethics

  • Ethics and new technologies

  • Ethics and risk

Dr Tom Walker



Research Opportunities


  • Ethnic politics
  • The interplay of social and institutional change in postcommunism

  • The dynamic relations between national identity, power relations and ethnic conflict across the postcommunist region

Dr Timofey Agarin
  • Political economy of development in Africa and the Global South in comparative perspective

  • Energy transitions and the future of fossil fuels

  • Politics and political economy of Southern Africa

Dr Stefan Andreasson
  • Green political economy
  • Post-growth economics and politics

  • Green political theory

  • Civic republicanism, socialism, Marxist, feminism and green issues

  • Low carbon energy transitions

  • Climate change politics, policy and governance

  • Heterodox political economy

  • Class, loyalism and republicanism in Northern Ireland

Professor John Barry


  • Weapons politics and arms control

  • Materialities of violence and security

  • Border control

  • Surveillance and sensory politics

  • Critical security theories

  • New materialism, Science and Technology and post-humanisms

  • Interdisciplinary projects

Dr Michael Bourne
  • Political ethics

  • Theories/philosophies of work and economic organization

  • Democracy and workplace democracy

  • Contemporary republicanism

  • Just war theory

  • The thought of Max Weber, Hannah Arendt, Jürgen Habermas, Alasdair MacIntyre

  • Contemporary political and social theory generally

Dr Keith Breen
  • Critical war studies
  • Sociological and postcolonial approaches to armed conflict

  • Society, identity and security

Dr Shane Brighton


  • Irish politics and history

  • The politics and history of nationalism

  • Political violence and terrorism

Professor Richard English


  • Political parties, party organisation and democracy

  • Territorial politics and devolution in the UK and in a comparative perspective

  • Citizen engagement and democratic innovations

Dr Elodie Fabre


  • Voting behaviour and public opinion

  • Deliberative mini-publics

Professor John Garry


  • Brexit and public policy (environment, agriculture, etc.)

  • Environmental Policy in the European Union

Dr Viviane Gravey


  • Refugees and Migration

  • Citizenship and Non-Citizenship

  • Critical theories of mobility and migration

  • Activism and protest

  • Critical security studies, particularly focused on borders

Dr Heather Johnson


  • Tourism, Militarism and Everyday Life

  • Migration, Borders and Security

  • Surveillance, Visuality and Technology

  • New Materialism, STS and post-humanism in global politics

  • Media, technology and global politics

  • Creative practice accounts of global politics (esp. film and visual art)

    To find out more about Prof Lisle research interests please click here

Professor Debbie Lisle


  • Irish Government and Politics

  • Public Administration

  • Public Policy

  • Local Government

  • Public Sector Reform

Dr Muiris MacCarthaigh
  • The Politics of Brexit

  • Populism in Europe and North America

  • Far Right Politics

  • Right-wing violence in Europe

  • Competition policy and single market governance

Professor Lee McGowan


  • The Northern Ireland problem and peace process

  • Ethnic conflict and peace-making

  • International contributions to peace-making (particularly US and EU roles)

  • The role of diaspora communities in ethnic conflict and peace-making

Dr Peter McLoughlin


  • Middle East Politics (small and big P)

  • Political Islam

  • Security and Conflict

Professor Beverley Milton-Edwards


  • Conceptual and empirical studies of Strategic Narrative in International Relations

  • Studies in Public Diplomacy

  • Research on the development of international order, including China’s emerging role

  • European and transatlantic security policy

  • German foreign and security policy, including German European policy

Professor Alister Miskimmon


  • Middle East politics, especially Israel-Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq

  • Detention, interrogation, and political imprisonment

  • Critical security and P/CVE

  • Unarmed/civil resistance

Dr Julie Norman


  • Modern Irish history and politics/the politics of Irish literature

  • The politics of commemoration

  • British high politics and Ireland

Dr Margaret O'Callaghan


  • Brexit negotiations

  • Brexit and Northern Ireland/island of Ireland

  • EU enlargement

  • EU External Relations

  • EU Treaty Reform

 Professor David Phinnemore


  • Social cleavages

  • Elections and voting behaviour

  • Party systems

  • Political parties

  • Parliamentary politics

  • Representation

Dr Christopher Raymond


  • Violence, Terrorism, Security

Dr Andrew Thomson


  • Northern Irish and Scottish politics

  • Modern Scottish and Irish history

  • Religious identity in Scotland and Northern Ireland 

Professor Graham Walker


  • Contemporary political theory
  • Politics of recognition
  • Republicanism
  • Critical theory
Dr Cillian McBride