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Ashok Malhotra is a historian of British imperial India. He completed his PhD at Edinburgh University and has previously served as a BA Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Warwick. He is currently researching the manner in which medical research, undertaken in British colonial India in the early C20th, influenced discourses pertaining to nutrition and race in Britain, colonial India, and North America.

He is further interested in the construction of racial stereotypes of Indians during the period of the British Raj.

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I am open to PhD applications in the fields of…

  • History of Imperial Science in India
  • Nutritional Science History
  • British literary representations of India
  • Missionary Networks of Print
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  • Gruelling Ordeals: The Workhouse Diet, 1850-1950: Workshop organised with Leonie Hannon and Olwen Purdue (QUB) for the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities' Festival 2015 (12 Oct 2015)
  • Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Small Grant for 'Robert McCarrison, the Hunzas and the Organic Movements, 1900-1966 (October 2015)



Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

School Of History, Anthropology, Philosophy And Politics 


Research students

PhD Title: The East India Company and the Transportation of Convicts from the Madras Presidency, 1789 - 1858

Name: Gerald Daniel Louis
Years of Study: 2015-2019
Country: USA


Alumni: where are they now?

Name: Prayag Ray

PhD Title: Negotiating Hinduism: Indian Religion and English-Language Texts 1705-1830

Years of Study: 2015-2018
Country: India
Current position: Here


PhD Title: Here 

Years of Study: 2
Country: Here
Current position: Here

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