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Dr Morrison works on topics in the philosophy of science (evidence, holism, scientific realism) and in naturalised epistemology (reasoning / inference, psychologism, methodological debates). 

He is currently writing about logical and mathematical knowledge, about perception and hallucination, and about the philosophical aesthetics of electronic dance music.

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Dr Morrison would be delighted to discuss the possibility of supervising PhD students who have interests in any of the following areas:

  • General Philosophy of Science
    - Anything to do with evidence (prediction, confirmation, explanation), pragmatic features of theory choice (‘loveliness’ etc.), (ir)rationality of science, holism.
    - Scientific realisms: abundance-theories vs. minimalism, fictionalism and Inference to the Best Explanation.
    - Science as social knowledge.
    - ‘Scientism’ and anti-science attitudes.
    - Natural kinds and social kinds.
  • Philosophy of Mind and Psychology
    - Mental fictionalism / eliminativism
    - Inference and reasoning
  • Quine, Naturalism and Naturalised Epistemology
    - Quine’s naturalism, Quine’s holism, Quine’s criterion of ontological commitment
    - Indispensability arguments
  • Methodology
    - (Anti-)psychologism in philosophy, in epistemology, in logic.
    - Philosophical methods: a priori knowledge, intuitions.
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