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My research to date has focused on two main areas: the metaphysics of time and the metaphysics of persons. In particular, I am interested in the overlap between philosophy and theology with respect to these areas. So I am wrapping up a project on God’s relationship to time and the metaphysics of events. The purpose of the project is to develop a theory of events which provides the foundation for a plausible and coherent account of God’s relation to time. And I have begun a project on the metaphysics of theological anthropology. The goal of the project is to provide a theologically informed metaphysics of the human person.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of 

  • Space and time
  • Properties
  • Events
  • Persons
  • Divine attributes
  • Divine foreknowledge and human freedom
  • Theological anthropology
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Research students

PhD title: Freedom of the will in Leibniz and Jonathan Edwards

Name: Marco Barone
Years of Study: 2015 - Present
Country: Italy


Alumni: where are they now?

Gaven Kerr

PhD title: ‘The Metaphysics of St Thomas Aquinas and Neo-Thomistic Realism’

Years of Study: 2008-2011
Country: United Kingdom

Krzysztof Stachowiak

PhD title: ‘Thing in Itself in Kantian Philosophy’

Years of Study: 2009-2013
Country: Poland

 Alan McKay

PhD title: ‘Causality in a McDowellian World’

Years of Study: 2011-2014
Country: United Kingdom


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