Dr Margaret O'Callaghan


Margaret O’ Callaghan works on cultural identity in the Irish Free state; crime , nationality and the law in Victorian Ireland; the high politics of Britain in Ireland since 1880; Irish political thought; women in independent Ireland; Roger Casement and the British Empire ; genealogies of partition ; the politics of commemoration; the ‘pre-Troubles’ Troubles.

She is currently working on Conor Cruise O’ Brien , female Irish political autobiography and Alice Stopford Green and her circles.

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Dr O'Callaghan is open to PhD applications in the fields of; 

  • Modern Irish history and politics/the politics of Irish literature
  • The politics of commemoration
  • British high politics and Ireland
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Research students

PhD Title: Partition in international proto Commonwealth context

Name: Steven Egan
Years of Study:

PhD Title: Nuns and the Troubles in Northern Ireland

Name: Rachael Dickson
Years of Study:


Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Eddie Molloy

PhD Title: Race, History, Nationality; an intellectual history of the Young Ireland movement 1840-52

Years of Study: 
Current position: Elected to a Busteed Fellowship at the Institute of Irish Studies University of Liverpool 2018

Dr Carolyn Augspurger

PhD Title: Douglas Savoury and his Ulster Unionist circles

Years of Study: 
Current position: Teaching in the US

Dr Matt Hunt

PhD Title: Eire Nua and the political thought of its latterly displaced architects within Sinn Fein and the IRA

Years of Study: 
Country: USA
Current position: 

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