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Dr Agarin is interested in relationships between the state and society, interrelations between the majority and the minority, issues relating to non-discrimination in the wider Europe and the impact of European integration broadly conceived on societal change and dynamics in political institutions. At the heart of it, is the interest in ethnic politics and their impact on transition from communism in Central Eastern European states.

Using the cases of institutions tasked with minority protection, he investigates how democratising states cooperate with one another as well as with international organisations to reduce ethnic tensions domestically and ensure peace and stability in postcommunist states.

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Any proposal for a research project that deals with aspects of ethnic politics from a comparative perspective is warmly welcome. I am particularly interested in the interplay of social and institutional change in postcommunism in issue areas of non-discrimination, minority protection, migration and civil society. In the past I looked at the dynamic relations between national identity, power relations and ethnic conflict across the postcommunist region and particularly at institutions of the nation-state.

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Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice 


Research students

PhD Title: Non-Dominant Groups in Power-Sharing Systems: Northern Ireland and South Tyrol

Name: Siofra Frost
Years of Study: 2014-2018
Country: Northern Ireland

PhD Title: Romani Inclusion into Education: Investigating the Case of Turkey

Name: Canan Ugur
Years of Study: 2013-2017
Country: Turkey


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