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Dr Gravey's research focuses on the relationship between policy change and shocks to policy-making systems.  This is reflected in two main areas of research. First, environmental policy dismantling in the European Union – and its links to further European (dis)integration. Second, having investigating how the EU has shaped UK environmental & agricultural policy and governance, my current work focuses on the potential policy and governance changes linked to the re-patriation of EU law in the UK and the devolved regions after Brexit. 

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Open to PhD applications in the field of 

  • Brexit and public policy (environment, agriculture, etc.)
  • Environmental Policy in the European Union  
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  •, @BrexitEnv
  • Since 2015 Dr Gravey has given evidence to both UK Houses of Parliament on what Brexit means for the
    environment and agriculture – from forthcoming changes to policy to the need for new governance
    arrangements at both devolved and UK level.
  • Her work has also been covered in the media (e.g.
  • She has been commissioned by Friends of the Earth EWNI to write a risk analysis of Brexit for different
    environmental sectors (April 2018).



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