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Professor Gribben is a cultural and literary historian whose work concentrates on the development and dissemination of religious ideas in the print cultures of Puritanism and evangelicalism. He also serves as co-editor of two series of monographs and edited collections entitled 'Christianities in the trans-Atlantic world, 1550-1800' (Palgrave Macmillan) and 'Scottish religious cultures: Historical perspectives' (Edinburgh University Press).

He is the founding co-director of the Jonathan Edwards Centre (UK), an affiliate of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University.

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Professor Gribben is open to PhD applications in the fields of; 

  • Puritanism, especially John Owen
  • John Nelson Darby
  • Contemporary American evangelicalism
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Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice



Research students

PhD Title: John Stearne and witchcraft in the 1640s

Name: Scott Eaton
Years of Study: 3
Country: UK

PhD Title: Covenant theology of James Ussher

Name: Harrison Perkins
Years of Study: 3
Country: USA


PhD Title: American creationist organisations since the 1970s

Name: Benjamin Huskinson
Years of Study: 3
Country: USA


PhD Title: Parish discipline in Covenanting Edinburgh

Name: Claire McNulty
Years of Study: 2
Country: Ireland

Research students

PhD Title: Archibald Johnston of Wariston and British Puritanism

Name: David Whitla
Years of Study: 2
Country: USA

PhD Title: Ecclesiology of John Nelson Darby

Name: James Fazio
Years of Study: 1
Country: USA


PhD Title: Benjamin Keach and the hymn-singing controversy

Name: Matt Stanton
Years of Study: 1
Country: Canada


Alumni: where are they now?

Matt Bingham

PhD Title: Early English baptists

Years of Study: 2014-17
Country: USA
Current position: 


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