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History is about exploring the past in all its complexity and otherness, and investigating the legacy and impact of that past on our present world. Our history curriculum ranges across time and space - from the Ancient World to the recent past, encompassing America, Asia and Africa as well as Ireland, Britain and Europe. Queen's is one of the leading centres for the study of History in these islands and internationally.

History is a fascinating subject in its own right, but an ideal way for you to develop and enhance your skills through pursuing a subject that inspires you. All history modules include training in writing skills, collecting, analysing and presenting data in an effective manner, both orally and in written form. Team work is developed through group projects and independent research and project management through your dissertation module.  Students are encouraged to make use of PowerPoint in their presentations.

Various modules embed employability skills in the curriculum in particular ways.  A common theme is the development of student awareness of the potential of public history for future employment.  From level one through to the MA internship module, students are encouraged to think about the ways in which museums and heritage centres as well as popular media (movies, television, radio, websites) present history to non-academic audiences.  

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  • A dynamic range of programmes with options to inspire all. Visit the History Undergraduate webpage to view all our offerings.

Postgraduate Taught

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The School offers a lively, energetic and diverse base for our Postgraduate Research students to take forward a PhD who along with supervisory teams, deliver a wide range of research projects. For further information, please click here.

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