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MA History

The MA in History combines core elements in Historiography, Research Training and a Public History Internship/Historical Documents Project, with specialised courses on a range of strands reflecting the research strengths of the History staff. Guidance on strand choice and programme structure can be given by our MA Co-ordinator, Professor Mary O'Dowd. 

The MA in History can be studied following one of six strands:


American History
This strand focuses on the history of the United States, and especially the American South, in the last two centuries, with particular focus on slavery, race relations, civil rights, labour, gender and popular culture.

 Please see MA History 2016/17 Modules
Strand co-ordinators: Dr Brian Kelly


 Ancient,Medieval and Early Modern History

This strand comprises early medieval European history, medieval social and economic history, early modern cultural history, European Reformation history, medieval and early modern Irish history. It offers a detailed study of the historian's tools, examing the methodology employed in the interpretation of ancient, medieval and early-modern souce material of various kinds, including ancient writers, epigraphy, numismatics, and laws and legal texts.

 Pease see MA History 2016/17 Modules

Strand co-ordinator: Prof. Brian Campbell / Dr Sinead O'Sullivan


British History 
This strand focuses on British history in the twentieth century. It provides an introduction to the latest historiography being employed in political history, cultural and social and intelligence history.  Students will have the opportunity to explore topics in domestic British history, as well as the history of British intelligence.  Those interested in intelligence history can contact Dr Kieran Connell, for further information.

 Please see MA History 2016/17 Modules

Strand co-ordinators: Dr Kieran Connell.


Irish History

The Irish History strand focuses on the relationship between society, culture and politics in the history of modern Ireland from the 17th to the 21st centuries. Designed as a flexible means of pursuing modern Irish history, it can be individually tailored to allow students to focus on specific research interests including political, cultural and social history, migration, gender and historical memory. Queen's has the largest Irish history research group in any university globally, and is highly regarded in this field.

 Please see MA History 2016/17 Modules

Strand co-ordinators: Professor Mary O'Dowd / Prof Sean Connolly


Religion, Identity and Conflict in History
This strand explores the role played by religion in various forms and modes of historical conflict and identity, from the rise of Reformation to the global age, in Europe and the World. It looks at how religious convictions have intersected and interacted with the historical dynamic, how it fostered social, cultural, and political discord as well as acted as a mediator and a mitigator for peace. Religious history from the medieval to the contemporary is a particular research specialism within the School.

 Please see MA History 2016/17 Modules

Strand co-ordinators: Dr Andrew Holmes / Dr Scott Dixon


Public History

This strand allows students to explore the core ideas, debates and best practices in the field of public history and to use public history approaches in their own research and work. Through seminars, practitioner workshops and field trips, students will engage with a range of issues such as engaging audiences, uses of history, and dealing with contested or difficult historical narratives. A core element of the strand will be a 3-month placement in one of a range of cultural institutions, archives, media, historic houses and heritage sites across Northern Ireland and beyond.

Some of the students who took this module have gone on to do PhDs on a range of fascinating projects; others work in places such as the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Library; Chicago Art Institute; as lecturer in Public History at Rutgers University or Heritage Manager for Clifton House, Belfast.

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Strand co-ordinator Dr Olwen Purdue


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For further details please contact the MA History strand co-ordinators.

Applicants are requested to specify which of these strands they intend to follow in the 'Additional Information' section of the Postgraduate Application form for MA History.