School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

MHY7088 - Auditing

MHY7088 - Auditing

Students who take this module attend the lectures and tutorials for a level 3 module but complete specially assigned coursework (an essay (70%); an assignment (20%) and contribution to class discussion (10%).  The following is a list of modules available in semester 1, 2016-2017.  The School is making a number of new appointments this summer and so this list may change by September 2016.  Spaces on some of the more popular modules will be limited. So it is a good idea to identify more than one module which you might be interested in auditing.

HIS3017: The Russian Revolution

  • Convenor: Dr Katy Turton

HIS3018: Popular Culture in England, 1500-1700

  • Convenor: Professor Chris Marsh

HIS3033: The Vast Catastrophe – The Great Famine of the 1840s

  • Convenor: Professor Peter Gray

HIS3035: The American Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Convenor: Dr Brian Kelly

HIS3039: The Soviet Union, 1921-1991

  • Convenor: Dr Alex Titov

HIS3072: Rome Under the Early Emperors

  • Convenor: Professor Brian Campbell

HIS3073: The Irish Revolution

  • Convenor: Dr Marie Coleman

HIS3086: Family, Gender, and Household in Ireland, 1740-1844

  • Convenor: Professor Mary O’Dowd

HIS3118: Crime and Punishment in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

  • Convenor: Dr Elaine Farrell

HIS3119: There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack: Race and Immigration in Post-War Britain

  • Convenor: Dr Kieran Connell

HIS3122: Modern America – The United States Since 1964

  • Convenor: Dr Anthony Stanonis

HIS3123: The Irish Country House

  • Convenor: Dr Olwen Purdue

HIS3124: Interpreting the Voices of the Past: Oral History of N. Ireland since 1945

  • Convenor: Professor Sean O’Connell