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Undergraduate degree courses in History

The School offers undergraduate both Single and Joint Honours degrees.. These can be studied either alone, in combination with other subjects, or in combination with each other. Follow the links below for each subject area.


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Undergraduate Joint degrees programmes


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History and Anthropology:

All history and anthropology modules include training in writing skills, collecting, synthesising and presenting data in an effective manner, both orally and in written form.  Class contribution marks normally include individual and group presentations, designed to improve the oral presentation skills of students.  Students are encouraged to make use of PowerPoint in their presentations.

Our curriculum is designed to develop the important ‘soft skills’ that are valued by the 60% of graduate recruiters who seek talented arts and humanities students when filling their vacancies. The curriculum enhances research skills, communication skills, the ability to work independently, the ability to analyse conflicting data/arguments, the ability to empathise with others (whilst also being able to win one’s case in debate), time management skills, group working skills, the ability to present work professionally and to meet deadlines.

Various modules embed employability skills in the curriculum in particular ways.  A common theme is the development of student awareness of the potential of public history for future employment.  From level one through to the MA internship module, students are encouraged to think about the ways in which museums and heritage centres as well as popular media (movies, television, radio, websites) present history to non-academic audiences.   The expanding tourist market in Northern Ireland and the growth in popular interest in history suggest that these are two areas where many of our students will find employment in the future.

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