School Prize Ceremony

The School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics have several School Prizes that are awarded for excellence each academic.


Below are the Prizes award in July 2018.


Mary Gardiner Prize Stine Carlsson  Did not attend Prize Ceremony
Montgomery Medal Harry Steele  Harry Steele - Montgomery Medal
Kenneth Connell Prize Philip McGowan  Philip McGowan - Kenneth Connell Prize
Dr Hardford Montgomery Hyde Award Odhran Fox  Odhran Fox - Dr Harford Montgomery Hyde Prize
Dr Hardford Montgomery Hyde Award (proxime accesit) James Frazer  James Frazer - Dr Harford Montgomery Hyde Prize Proxime Accesit
Anne Maguire Memorial Prize Sarah Singleton  Sarah Singleton - Anne Maguire Memorial Prize
Lemberger-Mettrick Prize Aidan Crehan  Aidan Crehan - Lemberger-Mettrick Prize
David Mulholland Prize Kirstie Lowe  Kirstie Lowe - David Mulholland Prize
Julie Ann Statham Fund Daniel Nelson-Donaghey  Daniel Nelson-Donaghy - Julie Ann Stathan Fund
Monsignore Arthur H Ryan Memorial Fund Annabel Salisbury  Annabel Salisburg - Monsignor Arthur H Ryan Memorial Fund
Esther Ballantine PRize Stefan McKee  Stefan McKee - Esther Ballantine Prize
Lemberger-Mettrick Prize IPCS Kirstie Lowe  Kirstie Lowe - Lemberger-Mettrick Prize IPCS
Philosophy Dissertation Prize Annabel Salisbury and John Barringham  Annabel Salisburg and Joseph Barringham - Philosophy Dissertation
PPE Graduand Prize Jeremy Mueller  Jeremy Mueller - PPE Graduand Prize
Joint Honours Prize Aine Poland  Aine Poland - Joint Honours Prize
Improved Performance between L2 and L3 Kathryn Howie  Kathryn Howie - Improved Performance between L2 and L3
Lewis Warren Prize Aishling Fullen  Aishling Fullen - Lewis Warren Prize
School Student Carer Prize Katrina McDaniel  Did not attend Prize Ceremony
Helena Wallace Scholarship Philip Brown  Philip Brown - Helena Wallace Scholarship
J C Beckett Michael Lawrence  J C Beckett - Michael Lawrence - 300
Denis Rebbeck Prize Jonathan Kirke  Denis Rebbeck - Jonathan Kirke - 300
Martin Lynn Memorial Prize Matthew Kelly and Emily McIntyre (who did not attend the prize ceremony)  Martin Lynn Memorial - Matthew Kelly - 300
PPE 1st year Prize Joseph Hindley PPE 1st Year - Joseph Hindley - 300 
PPE 2nd year Prize Kealan Fennell  PPE 2nd Year - Kealan Fennell - 300
Elizabeth Meehan UG Prize Niamh Oddy Elizabeth Meehan UG - Naimh Oddy - 300 
Politics 2nd year Prize Alexander Coomber  Politics 2nd Year - Alexander Coomber - 300
Patrick Campbell Prize Ryan Lavelle  Patrick Campbell - Ryan Lavelle - 300
Philosophy 2nd year Prize Rupert Maher  Did not attend Prize Ceremony
IPCS 1st year Prize Nathan Smith  IPCS 1st Year - Nathan Smith - 300
IPCS 2nd year Prize Conor MacNamara  IPCS 2nd Year - Conor MacNamara - 300
Foundation Scholarships - Level 1 Joseph Hindley, Roisin Muirhed and Harrison McDonald (in photo), and Louis Burns, Ciar Nic Riocaird and Philippa Mannerings who did not attend the prize ceremony.  Foundation Scholarsphip L1 winners - 300
Foundation Scholarships - Level 2 Conal McLaughlin, Jonathan Kirke, Fionnghuala Nic Roibeaird, Alexander Coomber (in photo) and Tara Padmore and William McMullan who did not attend the prize ceremony.        Foundation Scholarsphip L2 winners - 300