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Peer Mentoring

Help your fellow students transition to student life

Peer mentoring gives new students the opportunity to make friends, find their way about campus, and get to grips with their degree course by keeping in regular contact with a mentor who has already experienced first year

Learning Support and Advice

Careers Support

The School has dedicated Career Liaison Officers for both Politics and Philosophy degrees.   Joe Morrison and Timofey Again support students in making the most of the learning and development opportunities available while at university, and they offer advice on how to relate the knowledge acquired in PISP’s degrees to a broader range of applications, including social issues, civic awareness and leadership skills.

The School also maintains an Employers Forum – a direct link to businesses and organisations who look to recruit from among our school’s graduates. The Employers Forum is an important platform through which we are able to identify the kinds of things that recruiters are looking for in our graduates and provides the school with an opportunity to explore ideas for improving the employability prospects of our students. We use their feedback to improve the in-school careers and employability initiatives delivered by Timofey and Joe. For example, employers on our forum repeatedly state that ideas and practices of active citizenship are highly sought after among university graduates in employment areas as diverse as political institutions, policy research, analysis for multi-levels of government, NGOs, charities and think tanks.

Academic Support

The School entertains a system of personalised support via a network of tutors, advisors of study, and programme and module convenors who all are there to encourage students’ learning and critical engagement with their studies, offer advice and enable access to resources that allow individual to identify and develop their strengths and mitigate their difficulties. This network of support allows our graduates to see their time at PISP as a coherent opportunity of self-improvement, whether it’s learning new material, developing a sense of ownership of their achievements, or exploring new activities or areas of interest.

Books and Library Services

The Main University Library contains a large stock of books and periodicals on politics, as well as government publications. The Main University Library encompasses the two main short-loan collections for undergraduates, the offprint collection and the short loan collection for some 20,000 textbooks. Students should remember that they are required to use their QUB identity cards at all times to gain access. The libraries also have a number of study rooms, computer facilities and a student lounge. Books which are recommended for purchase on module reading lists are available from Waterstone’s by either going to or by visiting the Belfast store in Fountain Street. No Alibis, an independent bookshop based on Botanic Avenue, may also be able to provide you with access to certain subject books.

In addition to books and periodicals, the library is also a source for on-line services. Furthermore, the Library on-line catalogue can be accessed from computers throughout the University. Similarly, it is possible to obtain access to a number of national and international newspapers and news magazines on the Internet. See Internet Resources for links to useful sites. The School issues module guides for all modules. Generally these become available towards the end of summer and winter vacations and can be obtained from the General Office if you plan to do some work in advance.

Diarmuid Kennedy The McClay Library is the librarian responsible for Politics books, and she is always willing to assist students with their queries.

Equal Opportunities and Special Needs

The School is committed to the equal treatment of all students. If you feel that the School is not fulfilling its duties in this respect you may speak to the Head of School, Professor Yvonne Galligan or any other member of staff.

Further information is available from the Queen's University Equal Opportunity Unit website.

Disability Support

The School welcomes students with disabilities. In support of Disability Services we will endeavour to ensure that all your individual requirements are met to ensure your time at Queen's is an enjoyable and positive experience.

The University has developed a range of services available for students with disabilities so that all students can be assured equality of opportunity within the University. Currently, over 300 students are registered with Disability Services with a wide variety of different disabilities, including, visual and hearing impairments, physical or mobility difficulties, Specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, mental health difficulties and medical conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy. Disability Services will make every reasonable effort to provide support to meet your individual requirements, which may include:

  • Academic support, such as provision of material in alternative formats.
  • Library support, such as extended loans or one to one inductions of the library facilities.
  • Exam support, such as additional time, rest break or scribes.
  • Funding applications to cover the cost of equipment, transport and personal support such as note takers or proof readers.

The age and design of some of our buildings can cause difficulties with physical access, we therefore recommend if you are a wheelchair user or have mobility difficulties, that you contact the Disability Services early in the year to ensure that this can be addressed. Further details on the range of services available can be obtained from the Disability Services web pages, which can be found at or you can call into the office at anytime. Disability Services staff would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your individual needs and to arrange appropriate support.

Within the School Dr Elodie Fabre and Dr Roger Clarke are the Disability Advisers and will be happy to support students by liasing with Disability Services on any problems, concerns or difficulties that a student with disabilities may experience within the School.

You can also contact the Politics, International Studies and Philosophy Office and arrange an appointment on the ground floor of 25 University Square.