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The School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics have many students that progress through from an Undergraduate degree, a Masters and then onto a PhD.  Some students remain in the same discipline and some move across disciplines as their research interests develop, mature and increase in intensity. 

To find out more about two students


Name of Student

PhD Research Theme or PhD Title

Principal Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
Gerard Gallagher

The political economy of SME finance in post-crash UK.

To find out more about Gerard's journey through Queen's studying a BA Politics, Master in International Relations and currently a PhD in Politics please click here

Stefan Andreasson Fabian Schuppert
Jessica Simonds

Mitigating the Piratical Threat Through Institutions: Securitizing Piracy Across Land and Sea

To find out more about Jessica's journey through Queen's studying a BA International Politics and Conflict Studies, MA Violence, Terrorism and Security and currently a PhD in International Relations please click here

Heather Johnson  Mike Bourne


Adam Farhan, a first year student hailing from Malaysia, came to Queen's because our name is internationally recognised and its highly reputable Anthropology department.  Adam has established a gamelan emsemble at Queen's.  The word Gamelan is a term which refers to an ensemble of instructments mostly belonging to the metallophone famly.  The gamelan is most commonly found in Java and Bali.