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Dr Margariti’s laboratory has invested on their unique expertise on cell reprogramming and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technologies and they have developed patient- specific cells lines from diabetic donors in a petri dish based on fast and highly efficient approaches. To date, the group has generated more than 90 diabetic specific iPS cell lines from small volumes of patient blood.

These patient-specific cells are now valuable tools to study the underlying causes and mechanisms of the pathogenesis of endothelial cell dysfunction and develop new knowledge, biomarker of diabetes and vascular complications, and discover effective therapies.

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The students will join a multi-disciplinary Centre and acquire training on cutting edge technologies in pluripotent stem cells, molecular biology, cell signaling, coding and non-coding RNAs in the context of diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

These skills will be an important foundation for whatever career path the student decides to follow in the future.

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  • Gives talks to patients’ groups related to diabetes and British Heart Foundation.

  • Organises the STEM CELLS stand on NI in Science Festival every year to meet the public and
    explain/ discuss our research.

  • Contributed to the UNISTEM DAY 2015, 2016 and 2017 in QUB, NI; giving talks and contributing
    to students understanding of STEM CELLS. International Stem Cell Awareness day targeting
    secondary school students across Europe with 46 Universities and over 20000 students involved.

  • Involved in training and education of school students who would like to gain knowledge and
    experience in stem cell research in QUB, King's College London (KCL), VICTORIA College Belfast, Amber Vick.

  • Supervising Nuffield Research Placements in QUB.

  • Participated on the judging panels of Debating Science Issues Schools Competitions.



Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biological Sciences

Centre for Experimental Medicine






Research students

PhD Title: Investigate the role of non-coding RNAs during Endothelial cells differentiation from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

Name: Miss Magdalini Eleftheriadou
Years of Study: 2017-Present
Country: Greece


Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Marta Vilà-González 

PhD Title: Diabetic macular oedema: insight into the disease and iPSC for the stratifications of its treatment based on novel technologies

Years of Study: 2014-17
Country: Spain
Current position: PDRA Cambridge University, UK


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