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Dr Cardwell is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics. He has conducted studies in a wide range of areas including cancer epidemiology and childhood onset Type 1 diabetes epidemiology. Recently he has focused upon pharmacoepidemiology, conducting studies investigating the effect of medication use on cancer risk and survival.

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Dr Cardwell is open to PhD applications in any area of epidemiology, and particularly in pharmacoepidemiology.

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Research students

PhD Title: The association between lifestyle exposures and the risk of oesophageal, gastric and liver cancer in the UK and China

Name: Peipei Liu
Years of Study: 2018-2021
Country: China

PhD Title: Chemoprevention of liver cancer

Name: Kim Tu Tran
Years of Study: 2017-2020
Country: Vietnam

Alumni: where are they now?

Blánaid Hicks

PhD Title: Modifiable risk factors and cancer survival: An investigation of pharmacological exposures, smoking and survival among breast and colorectal cancer patients

Years of Study: 2012-2015
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Cancer Research UK Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast

Reema Karasneh

PhD Title: Medications with potential hormonal effects and cancer risk and survival

Years of Study: 2014-2017
Country: Jordan
Current position: Assistant Professor, Yarmouk University, Jordan

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