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The aim of my research is to apply high throughput molecular genetic approaches, specifically next generation sequencing (NGS), to better understand disease processes such as diabetes in the eye and vascular system. One focus is upon small microRNAs and their role in regulating gene expression, communication between cells and their potential as circulating biomarkers.

We are also using single cell RNA sequencing to perform a ‘molecular dissection’ of the retina and study how the many cell types respond to diabetes.

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The application of high throughput molecular biology techniques to study retinal, vascular and infectious diseases

MicroRNAs – their role in gene regulation and use as biomarkers

Transcriptomics – RNA-Seq, including single cell analysis

Microbial DNA sequencing

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Research students

PhD Title: Discovery of novel small RNAs from RNA-Seq Data

Name: Wong, Ryan
Years of Study: 2
Country: UK

MD Title: Understanding microvascular dysfunction in diabetes

Name: Watson, Mark
Years of Study: 2
Country: UK

PhD Title: Evaluation of novel early renal risk indicators in diabetes

Name: Zang, Jinnan
Years of Study: 3
Country: China

Alumni: where are they now?

Eoin Brown

PhD Title: Characterisation of circulating extracellular microRNAs and development of a method for their absolute quantification

Years of Study: 2014-2016
Country: UK
Current position: Assay Development Scientist at Illumina (Previously Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Tufts University

Margaret Dellett

PhD Title: Study of Nhlh2 transcription factor and its putative target genes in the retina

Years of Study: 2005-2008
Country: UK
Current position: Team Leader at Almac Diagnostics

Amit Arora

PhD Title: The influence of microRNA's on gene expression and their impact on the retina

Years of Study: 2006-2009
Country: India
Current position: Assistant Professor, P.G.I. Chandigarh

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