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As a GP and medical educationalist, Dr Johnston's focus is on socially-oriented research rooted in clinical practice. Her research draws on critical methods with a focus on social language use. Such research makes visible implicit relations of power within clinical education and clinical care, with a social justice agenda in mind.

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Please contact Dr Johnston if you are interested in pursuing an MSc or PhD project in medical education, using qualitative methodologies.

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  • On the editorial board of the British Journal of General Practice
  • First author on both winning and runner up papers for the ASME Best Original Research Paper award (2016)
  • Engages regularly with clinicians in order to promote postgraduate research in general, and medical education research in particular



Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biological Sciences 

Research students

PhD Title: From medical student to medical practice: the affordances of a critical

Name: Annalisa Manca
Years of Study: 2
Country: Italy

PhD Title: An institutional ethnography of OSCEs

Name: Dr Grainne Kearney
Years of Study: 2
Country: N.Ireland

PhD Title: How can patient safety be made safer? An institutional ethnography of educational practice

Name: Dr Eleni Kariki
Years of Study: 1
Country: Greece

MPhil title: Using activity theory to explore Project ECHO

Name: Dr Catherine Hanna
Years of Study: 1
Country: N.Ireland

Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Grainne Kearney

MSc title: Blurring the boundaries: SP experiences of semi-intimate examination

Years of Study: 3
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: GP, Clinical teaching Fellow, PhD student

Dr Collette McCourt

MSc title: The view from over there: standardised patients as OSCE examiners

Years of Study: 3
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Consultant dermatologist

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