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The CCRCB Drug Discovery lab is focused on the development of highly potent, selective and drug-like lead compounds for the treatment of human diseases.

Working for PIs in the University we have developed a number of small molecule protease inhibitor tool compounds, that are currently being utilized to validate their target proteins as bone-fide drug targets.

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Dr Williams is available to supervise the following projects;

  • MRes project: Development of Novel Cathepsin V inhibitors to Validate role in Breast Cancer

  • MRes project: Testing of Epigenetic Probes in Cancer Immune Cells

  • MRes project: Design, synthesis and SAR exploration of Novel LSD1 inhibitors

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  • Member of CRUK Accelerator Network Program in Structural Biology
  • Peer reviewer of Medicinal Chemistry Journals; Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry Letters and Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • School Outreach program with Regent House School, Newtownards

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