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RAS and BRAF mutated (MT) colorectal cancers (CRC) occur in >60% of CRC patients and are associated with poor outcome. Although the therapeutic armamentarium of CRC has increased over the last 2 decades, there are subgroups of RAS and BRAFMT CRC in urgent need for novel treatments.

The research is focused on the identification of novel targets and pathways that are particularly relevant to drug resistance in the context of RAS/BRAFMT at the bench and applying this at the bedside.

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Dr Van Schaeybroeck is interested in PhD applications in the fields of;

  • Laboratory based investigations into molecular mechanisms including altered pro-survival signaling pathways in RASMT and BRAFMT CRC

  • Discovery of novel resistance mechanisms to therapy mechanisms in RASMT and BRAFMT CRC

  • Innovative biomarker development using samples from RASMT and BRAFMT CRC patients

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Research students

PhD Title: Investigating the RAL GTPases as novel targets for the treatment of RASMT CRC

Name: Ms Hajrah Khawaja
Years of Study: 2015-2018
Country: Pakistan

PhD Title: Oncogenic deregulation of epithelial apical biogenesis as a unifying mechanism for colorectal cancer (CRC) morphological heterogeneity

Name: Ms. Lisa Rainey
Years of Study: 2014-2018
Country: Northern Ireland

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