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CCRCB / NCI Doctoral Training Programme




“A vibrant Doctoral Training Programme which provides unrivalled training and mentorship opportunities that encourage research excellence with impact, delivering a cadre of innovative, business-aware and socially responsible scientists who will compete successfully in the evolving global research and bio-industry communities”

An exciting new development, in partnership with the world famous National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Washington, USA is the CCRCB-NCI Doctoral Training Programme in Precision Cancer Medicine.  This prestigious programme provides the student with an unparalleled opportunity to advance their career by undertaking their research project at the NCI, an international powerhousefor cancer research.

The entry point for this programme is the MRes in Translational Medicine (Precision Cancer Medicine Stream) where a competitive process during the MRes will select the best students to be enrolled in the  CCRCB-NCI Doctoral Training Programme.  A number of places are available for Home/EU applicants. Prospective students are encouraged to contact  Professor Mark Lawler, Associate Director for Postgraduate Studies and Director of the CCRCB-NCI Doctoral Training Programme in Precision Cancer Medicine

CCRCB is a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Centre and Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. It is recognised internationally as a Centre of Excellence for Precision Cancer Medicine. Postgraduate students will perform cutting edge research which they will present at international conferences and publish in high quality scientific journals. The postgraduate student is exposed to a premier quality training experience that equips them to be competitive in their current and future career. The programme also offers an unrivalled opportunity to undertake research at the world renowned National Cancer Institute, Washington, USA

How to Apply:

To Apply please visit the MRes in Translational Medicine page.

Enquiries to Professor Mark Lawler (, Associate Director for Postgraduate Studies, CCRCB.