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Treatments by Dental Students

Queen’s University Dental School is offering dental treatment for adults who require straightforward treatment as part of the School’s student dentist training programme.

More Information

Could I have treatment at the Dental School?

If you would like free dental treatment by students-in-training, you:

  • Must be available during the day - appointments begin at 9am and 1.45pm in term times and are likely to take at least 1 hour
  • Must be able to come to all your appointments. If you are unable to come to an appointment, an alternative date may not be offered as students have a limited time to complete their treatments.

If you meet these criteria, you will be given an initial appointment for an examination. This will assess whether you can be treated by students. It is not a consultation for treatment options.

If you are suitable you will have your treatment planned and will be allocated to a student. At the end of treatment, you will be discharged from the student clinic.

If your dental needs are not suitable for student treatment, you will be advised that you need to find a local dentist.

Types of treatments students can provide

You may be eligible if you require straightforward treatment such as:

  • routine fillings
  • simple gum treatment
  • root canal fillings
  • crowns

This service is not suitable if you need:

  • dentures
  • dental implants
  • tooth whitening
  • orthodontics

Is treatment by a student different?

Students work more slowly than a dentist so your appointment will take longer and you may need several appointments. However, all students' work is checked at relevant stages, so you can be sure that you are receiving a good standard of care.

How can I get an appointment?

If you meet our criteria above, you can request an assessment appointment and further information by contacting the appointments team,

By telephone on: 02890632733
By e-mail at: