'Adopt a class' Project


Spread the languages love at your old school!

Fancy working with a year 9 language class at your former post-primary school to help promote language learning? If you do, then you should apply to take part in a brand new project exclusive to Level 2 students of French, Irish or Spanish at Queen's University Belfast. Registration for 2018 is currently closed but keep an eye out soon for news and deadlines for 2019!



1) To develop undergraduate students:

  • As ambassadors of Languages and the University in post-primary schools
  • As confident individuals with experience of the post-primary classroom setting

2) To encourage more post-primary pupils:

  • To study languages beyond Key Stage 3

3) To increase awareness amongst Key Stage 3 pupils:

  • Of the value of having language skills to enhance their future employability
  • Of the benefits of studying/working and living in a community/country where English is not the first-language



  • At least 4 hour contact time with class before starting year abroad/ Gaeltacht residency
  • Opportunity to stay in touch with class throughout year abroad/ level 3 (if studying and choosing Irish)
  • 2 hour preparation workshop on 21/2/18 (2-4pm) with qualified language teachers at NICILT
  • Unique learning experience to include on your CV!



We are delighted to announce that 10 Level 2 students have now been chosen to take part in the project in 2018. The following schools will be collaborating in hosting a student at their school to adopt a class this year:

  • Rathmore Grammar School
  • Belfast Royal Academy
  • St. Louis' Grammar School, Ballymena
  • Banbridge Academy
  • Victoria College
  • Breda Academy
  • Ballymena Academy

Good luck to everyone taking part!

More news and updates will be posted on here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages soon!



Registration for 2018 has closed.

News on how to register for 2019 will be posted here soon.




1. Who is eligible to apply?

Undergraduate Level 2 students studying French and/or Spanish as part or all of their degree at Queen's University Belfast who will be going on a year abroad in September 2018.

Undergraduate Level 2 students studying Irish who will be undertaking a Gaeltacht residency during summer 2018.

2. If I study 2 languages can I still apply?

Yes. However, if you are going to a French-speaking country on your year abroad you must choose French as your project language. Similarly, if you are going to a Spanish-speaking country on your year abroad you must choose Spanish as your project language.

If you are studying a French/Spanish and Irish degree and are going on a year abroad to a French/Spanish-speaking country, you cannot choose Irish as your project language. You must choose the language of the country you are going to.

3. Can I split the 4 hours into different sessions?

Yes. We recommend that you aim to spend approximately one hour per week over four weeks at the school. The four hours must be completed before 29th June 2018.

4. What will I do with the class for 4 hours?

You will have weekly objectives set and clarified by NICILT in the preparation workshop on 21/2/18. You will also liaise with the class teacher about additional objectives.

5. What happens if I am chosen but cannot attend the preparation workshop on 21/2/18?

Attendance at the workshop is essential. If you are unable to attend, you must let NICILT staff know at least one week in advance. Please note that non-attendance could jeopardise your place in the project.

6. Is there a specific day or time when I must visit the school?

No, you can decide in conjunction with the class teacher when to visit the school.

7. How do I get to the school?

You should make your own travel arrangements to visit the school. NICILT is unable to reimburse travel costs.

8. What happens if my former post-primary school is not in Northern Ireland?

If you are chosen to take part and your former school is not in Northern Ireland, NICILT will take measures to find you a suitable school to go to. 

9. How do I stay in contact with the class during my year abroad/out?

We encourage you to stay in touch as much as possible by email, skype, snapchat or using other easily-accessible technology during your time away. We also encourage you to send photos and videos to give pupils a real flavour of what your year abroad is like. They can be as fun or serious as you like, but always keeping in mind the educational value of the activity.


For any further queries, please get in touch by email (nicilt@qub.ac.uk) or by phone (02890 975954).