Please read the following points carefully if entering a team for 2019:

1. What time do we need to be there and when will it finish? 

Schools should arrive at the Whitla Hall for 10am to begin setting up their stalls. The event will finish at 2.15pm. 


2. Is there parking available? 

Parking at Queen’s is limited and can be difficult. NICILT will endeavour however to arrange parking for teachers coming with teams by car or minibus and more information about this will be provided here soon. Botanic Train Station is also approximately five minutes’ walk from Queen’s University. 


3. Do pupils wear their uniform? 

Yes, we would ask that pupils come to the event in their uniform. They can, however, ‘dress up’ for the duration of the exhibition, if they feel it adds dramatic effect to their performance. 


4. Can pupils bring real posters/information leaflets for the 'A l’Office de Tourisme' option or do they need to make the posters/information leaflets? 

It is possible for pupils to display actual posters/information leaflets or create their own 


5. If the pupils choose the 'A l'Office de Tourisme' option, can they advertise somewhere that is outside of the French-speaking world? 

No, the stand must be marketing a village/town/city where French is the native tongue, therefore being in a Francophone country. 


6. If the pupils choose the Au Salon Eurofest option, do they need to bring real products? 

The role plays for Francofest are imaginary scenarios, but the answer to the question depends on the product that is being “sold”. For example, if the pupils are “selling” a car or another large item, it would be impossible to have real products, and they should therefore have 10 photographs of the product to “give” to the judges who “order” the item. On the other hand, if the pupils are “selling” a food item, it is a good idea for them to have 10 real products to give to the judges. If the product chosen is make-up or perfume for example, pupils can have either photographs, real products or “mock-ups” of bottles, items etc. 


6. Does the product that is being “sold” have to be a pre-existing item? 

No, pupils are welcome to design a completely new product if they wish to. 


7. Do the pupils have to have a Food Hygiene Certificate in order to produce a food item? 

There is no rule that the pupils must have a Food Hygiene Certificate. However, it is a good idea for pupils to look professional, for example, by wearing aprons, rubber gloves and using tongs and napkins. 


8. Do pupils provide products for competitors? 

No, just for the judges. However, pupils will be able to browse other stands on the morning. There will be no requirement to carry out a conversation in French at this point. 


9. a) Can I bring more than four pupils? b) Can more than one teacher attend? 

a) Unfortunately due to the limited space, each group is restricted to four pupils. Please have a fifth pupil on standby in case of absenteeism on the day of the event. The 5th pupil will need to be involved from the beginning and should learn the role play, although we cannot allow him/her to come on the day, unless they are filling in for an absentee- unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to allow one more person from each team to attend as there would not be enough seats for the second half of the day. The alternative is to risk only involving four from the start and if one person is absent on the day, the team will only have three members. The team won’t be penalised for only having three members but they will have to undertake more involvement in the role plays. 

b) No, only one teacher can attend. However, if a pupil on the team is assisted full-time by a classroom assistant then he/she can also attend. Please inform NICILT if this is the case. 


10. Can pupils who are native French speakers attend Francofest? 

If you have native speakers of French who would like to take part, we would kindly ask that only one takes part in the competition. 


11. Do I need to register the names of the pupils in advance? 

Yes, we will ask you for names of the four team members approximately two weeks before the event. 


12. Do the pupils have to be from Year 10? 

Yes, Francofest is open only to Year 10 pupils who study French.

13. a) Do the pupils have to stick to the role play script? b) Do the judges have to stick to the role play script? 

a) Yes, pupils must keep to the script on the role play card, but can extend their answers to ‘show off’ their French speaking skills. We have no stipulated time length for each role play, but please encourage pupils to remain under 6 minutes. 

b) Yes, judges will not go off the script. They may ask for additional information in English about products at the stand. 


14. Can pupils use cue cards on the day to help with their answers? 

Yes, pupils can prepare cue cards to help them remember answers but we would encourage them not to use them on the day of the event. Prizes will be awarded to the team with the best French language so this is in keeping with the spirit of a competition. 


15. a) Do all pupils have to speak to the judges? b) Can they split the role-play up between multiple pupils? 

a) Yes, pupils on the team should take turns during the role-play to speak to judges visiting the stand, so that each team member plays an equal part in the speaking and learning. We rely on your team’s integrity to take turns to do the role-plays. 

b) Yes, role-plays must be split between pupils. Pupils, along with their teacher, can devide how best to split the role-play.                                                                                                 


16. What are prizes awarded for? 

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event, based on the judges’ marks which will be given for:- 

1) Best French (response to questions/role-play and accuracy of written/spoken French) 

2) Most Enterprising Trade Stand (Au Salon Eurofest) 

3) Most Enterprising Tourist Stand (À l’Office de Tourisme) 

4) Most Creative Trade Stand (Au Salon Eurofest) 

5) Most Creative Tourist Stand (À l’Office de Tourisme) 

6) Overall winners (Top-scoring team)


17. Can my team find out what score they were awarded? 

No, scores will not be revealed to pupils or teachers. 


18. What happens after the trade fair? 

There will be time to take down the stands and have lunch. Following this, teams will go on a tour of the Queen’s campus as well as meet and hear from specialist speakers on the relevance of having French for employability. Then there will be refreshments and prize-giving. 


19. What costs will be incurred? 

The competition is FREE so the only cost schools incur will be for transportation and materials for pupils to create their display for the day of the competition. One member of staff must also accompany pupils to the event. 

20. What is parental permission needed for? 

Parental permission for pupils to attend this event is not explicitly required by NICILT. However, we do advise that schools acquire this in advance, as photographs of pupils will be taken at the event which may appear on the NICILT website and social media. Thank you for your co-operation with this. 


21. How many judges will be there? 

We envisage around 20 judges in total. Each stand will be visited by 4 judges who will spend up to 10 minutes at each stand.  


22. Will penalties be incurred? 

Yes, teams will be penalised, at the discretion of the judges and NICILT Management, if they do not comply with the following: 

  • A maximum of 4 pupils per stand 

  • Pupils and teacher only set up the stand (no parental involvement) 

  • All information on stand must be in French 

  • Tourist Stand must market  village/town/city where French is the native tongue, therefore being in a Francophone country.


23.Are electrical items allowed at the stand? 

No, we can no longer permit the use of electrical items at the event. Laptops are permitted but must be fully charged on arrival. 


24.Will pupils have access to wifi? 
Pupils can obtain wifi access for the purposes of the task. However, please inform NICILT as soon as possible to request this. Public wifi is not available at the venue and NICILT must pay for wifi access for visitors. 


25.How do we attach items to the stand? 
NICILT will provide drawing pins only to attach items. Please bring any other equipment as necessary to attach items. Please note that pupils must not use staple guns.