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I am a People & Change Consultant within PwC which is a varied role. It is one that really allows me to bring my skills in report writing, data analysis, interviewing and communication to the fore when they’re needed. Indeed, many of the skills that I use within my day to day working life have a large part of their foundations within the experiences I had whilst studying Psychology at Queen’s.

Like many students Psychology drew me in because of an interest in what makes people, people. That is, what factors either long term or situational that can determine who we are to ourselves and those around us.

This interest was built upon during my A-level studies in which I discovered a particular interest for Social Psychology, and for the use of the experimental method and analytics. It would be fair to say that Psychology for me delivered on my initial interests. During my studies I discovered that there are three areas I found particularly fascinating.

Firstly, Social Psychology, whilst this field is a particularly a broad area even in terms of the wider discipline, I hadn’t encountered any part of it during my time at QUB that I didn’t find fascinating.

Secondly, the Psychology of Serial Killers, I have yet to meet anyone who took this third year elective that didn’t enjoy the course for both its academic outlook and practical analytic assessments which seek to examine one of the most extreme areas of behaviour.

Finally, and definitely the most applicable strand of my degree that I really enjoyed was the Insight Programme. Insight offers students the ability to take the learning that they have engaged with over their time with the course and apply it in a real world scenario. Insight gave me much more confidence in not only the working environment after I had secured employment, but also gave me a much more tangible understanding of what graduate level employers sought from a candidate and was no doubt very influential in me gaining employment after my graduation.