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After I graduated I initially worked with Grant Thornton as part of their Central Audit Services Team.  In November 2015, I was successful in securing a position as Client Services Administrator with Succeed Wealth Management.

I am responsible for reconciling incoming cash and provider statements and allocating charges to clients’ accounts. I often deal with sensitive and highly confidential information pertaining to clients personal and financial lives. I produce portfolio reports for clients and portfolio performance reports for Succeed Wealth Management. I am currently designing and implementing various offline back office systems and establishing best practice approaches.

Studying Psychology at Queens allowed me to gain and develop a plethora of transferrable skills which I could then use to convince employers of my potential to be an asset to their team.

These skills include planning, time management and working under pressure.  Familiarity with and understanding of IT applications is highly sought after by employers and was developed during my time in Psychology.

Each of these skills were exercised and strengthened throughout my degree but very specifically during my final year whilst trying to balance and adhere to deadlines for a thesis, module lectures and coursework, extracurricular activities, degree plus activities, job searching, part time work and trying to maintain some remnant of a social life!  My appreciation of confidentiality obtained during research gave both employers the confidence to allow me to delve into client files without fear of mishandling private information.

My own confidence grew through group exercises and teamwork, presenting, discussing and debating ideas and theories with the School.  This has made it easy for me to be confident in interviews and subsequently my job roles.

Not only are the skills I gained in Psychology at Queens advantageous to get through the door of a potential employer, they are undoubtedly useful within the work place. I use these plus many more skills I learned and nurtured at Queens every day in my role as Office Administrator and my employer, at least once a week, makes a point of reminding me that I am an asset to his team. Don’t underestimate the skills you are being given as part of a Psychology degree, as they will be of great use in the future!