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Exploring debt with Aperture

Dr Aidan Feeney and Nicole Andelic (PhD Student) have been collaborating with Aperture IVA (formerly Grant Thornton IVA) since 2013.  This research project is exploring debt advice and is co-funded by Aperture IVA (specialists in personal debt resolution) and the Business Alliance Office at Queen’s.  In particular, Aidan and Nicole are interested in how advisors manage the challenge of giving effective advice to people experiencing extreme financial difficulties and whether advice given face to face is more impactful than advice given over the phone.

Aperture logo with straplineAidan said, “We are using a variety of methods including close analysis of what is said during conversations, and computer analysis of how the conversation sounds. Our research will inform practice at Aperture IVA and is disseminated to relevant people working in the area of debt advice via annual CPD events organised by Aperture IVA”.

Nicole has been working onsite with Aperture and said: “Our collaboration with Aperture has given me a range of opportunities which would otherwise be inaccessible to me as a PhD student. I have had the advantage of spending some time at the company, which has given me a valuable insight to the debt industry and understanding of debt repayment mechanisms. Our project with Aperture has also allowed me to speak to individuals in substantial debt, who would otherwise be hard to reach. As this research is presented at annual seminars for money advisors I have also had the chance to see how our research is received by the general public, as well as making industry contacts.”

To learn more about this project, please contact Dr Aidan Feeney.