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The Mind of a Murderer - QUB Mind Matters


16/11/2016 - 16/11/2016


6:30PM - 7:30PM


Medical Biology Centre Biomedical Library - North Lecture Theatre

Professor Peter Hepper presents - The murdering mind of serial killers.

Serial killing is one of the most extreme and bizarre behaviours that humans exhibit. The phenomenon of serial killing throws up many challenges for psychology to explain, ranging from our morbid fascination with serial killers to how an individual becomes a serial killer. This talk will explore whether psychology has made a contribution to our understanding of serial killers. Many myths about serial killers exist and will be discussed. With illustrations and examples from serial killers from the UK and the world, the lecture will explore what serial killing is and attempt to get into the mind of serial killer to examine why they kill in the way they do. 

Peter Hepper has served as a Life Sentence Review Commissioner and then Parole Commissioner since 2000. He has trained in a variety of interview techniques including those suitable for high-value targets, and qualified in forensic linguistic analysis, forensic child interviewing, threat and risk assessment, profiling. He is a qualified hostage negotiator.